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  1. llSensi

    ♥ Prickly Ticks ♥ // 0/3 SLOTS OPEN //

    Hello!!! Form Screenshots: Album Animation: Up to you! Text: llSensi Etc: nope! thank you for consider!
  2. llSensi

    Trying My Hand At Repaints

    Hello!! Form: Reference: follow screens Screenshots: Album Text: llSensi Thank you for consider!!
  3. llSensi

    OOF Hi..

    Aww thank you so much!! Im glad you like her! Its perfect!! I love it!! Ive been always fan of your art!!<33
  4. llSensi


    Love iiiit!!! Thank you so much!!!<33 your art is so beautifull!!!
  5. llSensi


    Heello<3 Form Text: llSensi Screenies: Album OCs: clic Background ideas in albums! thank you for consider!!!
  6. llSensi

    OOF Hi..

    Hii!! Text: llSensi Ocs: clic Thank you for consider!!
  7. llSensi

    The Ghost Returns - FREE DP'S *open*

    Hello!! Refs Screenies or Ocs Text llSensi Favourite colours Black Orange Pink... Any extras Nope, all in albums Thank you for consider!!!
  8. llSensi

    hi lol

    Hii Text: llSensi Size: up to you Refs: clic Extra: all in albums Thank you for consider!!!
  9. llSensi


    Beautiful artt<3 I would like to claim premade 2 with llSensi as text please! Thank you so much!!
  10. llSensi

    Weeb trash

    Heello<3 Form  Text: llSensi Screenies: Album OCs: clic thank you for consider!!
  11. llSensi

    Post Pictures for Practice [PPFP]

    Heello<3 Form Text: llSensi Screenies: Album OCs: clic Please do NOT steal or use for premades You may use as example Thank you for consider
  12. llSensi

    Free Experimental Portraits

    [ ]Pastel-ish [X]Horrorfiend [ ]Normism Name/Watermark: llSensi Dp crop? [X]Yes [ ]No OC Refs: clic OC Personality type: in album All else is up to me~♥ thankyou!
  13. llSensi

    lemme draw

    Hello! Text: llSensi OCs: clic thank you for consider!!!
  14. llSensi


    Heello<3 Text: llSensi Screenies: Album OCs: clic thank you for consider!!!
  15. llSensi

    Brujería | Free Practice Art Shop | CLOSED |

    x Form x Hair Reference (s) : same as screen Make-up Reference :same Pose (s) ( if not too complex ) : same Clothing Reference ( If I am not satisfied with how it turns out, I will go my own route ) : same or artistic freedom Additional Accessories or notes, etc : as screes Text : llSensi screens:Album Thank you for consider!!!

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