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  1. Sleepy

    |✧| Hollow's Tea House |✧| Waitlist OPEN |✧|

    Can I be on the waitlist then? 😆
  2. Sleepy

    [ ♥ ] E N A M O R E D ★

    @Kita accepted
  3. Sleepy

    ☆ ♡ Baby's On Fire ♡ [1] ♡ ☆

    ♡ Premade nr: 106 ♡ Text: Erica and Kora for Pengus ♡ Watermark (yes/no): yes ♡ (If yes) Watermark text: Statuette and one with Pengus? ♡ Paypal email: pm ♡ Extra: boop
  4. Sleepy

    Cotton's Adopt Center: 1NEW FULLY COLOURED!!

    I was just letting you know It was paid e.e” wasn’t criticizing or anything
  5. Sleepy

    ✧ Mimi's Shop ✧ - OPEN

    That’s absolutely gorgeous! How much is it again? xD
  6. Sleepy

    Cotton's Adopt Center: 1NEW FULLY COLOURED!!

    _already been accepted and sent a hour ago_
  7. Sleepy

    ◤ G H O S T ◢ temp closed

    I'd like it ❤️ ily bb @Ayumi
  8. Sleepy


    fairy is beautiful~
  9. Sleepy

    Cotton's Adopt Center: 1NEW FULLY COLOURED!!

    ❧ Name: Statuette ❧ Premade name: Luna Light ❧ Text: Statuette ❧ Price: 58$ ❧ Extra: Pm like always
  10. Sleepy

    ✧ Mimi's Shop ✧ - OPEN

    So beautiful!!! @Mimi ❤️
  11. Sleepy

    🍰[FULL] 🍰

    So precious! Thank you so much!
  12. Sleepy

    🍰[FULL] 🍰

    @Panties shorts are fine ^^
  13. Sleepy

    🍰[FULL] 🍰

    Nope! Other than the chubbiness~ and sorry it took so long. My girlfriend sent money Proofies 💕 thank you to the lovely @Noxey
  14. Sleepy

    🍰[FULL] 🍰

    @Panties she’s super cute but the body ref shows her chubby with boobs. Would it be possible to make her chubbier? 😮
  15. @Daedae

    Happy Birthday dear! 

    Hope your day is amazing an filled with lots of fun. 

    1. Daedae


      Hehe ty love

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