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  1. Hey bb,



  2. Guys. This girl is literally the best person I know and I love her so much. I’m really glad she’s my friend and I wish her the best and lots of love.


  3. Moderator Applications are OPEN!

    Due to circumstances can I withdraw my application or ask that it be denied immediately if it hasn’t already ofc? Thanks.
  4. giving u some love ♥

  5. Hey GASR, let's talk...

    Everything has been good. I’ve run into a bit of issues that I haven’t been sure about but the mods have been a little helpful about the situations.
  6. 9C74BA63-ECAC-47EA-8716-59C770A18F38.gif.ec3f495dfeeb69a03c1b01916f984672.gif

    me walking and seeing you



    may the penguin offer you amazing and beautiful presents. 


  8. Much love for an amazing girl


    1. Deity


      <3<3<3<3<3 ily

  9. I love you very much


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    2. Ayumi


       LOLLL  -gives all tha attention to- tumblr_m4i9etzlQ21qdlkyg.gif

    3. Sleepy


      -soaks up the attention and give Yumi  a foxy plush- 



    4. Ayumi


      ooo i actually really want a foxy plussssh ; - ; ♥

  10. Boop, 

    It's almost time for Christmas.


  11. giving you love bb image

    1. Sleepy



      I love you too! 


    2. Ayumi


      ok im on crawl into the shower now = v = if i die, write on my tombstone ''left and neglected by erica'' image

    3. Sleepy


      But you haven’t been left or neglected by me. 

  12. Moderator Applications are OPEN!

    Thanks for the clarification! @Lazy
  13. Moderator Applications are OPEN!

    Me too..
  14. Hi Bb. 

    Just dropping by to give you some love. 



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