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About Me


Hi ~
I am a german freelancer Illustrator and mangaartist.

You can find my homepage here

(ノ・д・)ノ Visit my custom shop here



.゚☆ GASR rules

.゚☆ Paypal Only

.゚☆ Please be specific with what you want, for example : theme, emotion, poses

.゚☆ Please pay 50% after i finished the first step (sketch) from your order within 2 days

.゚☆ pls pay the other 50% after i complete your order within 2 days

.゚☆ Do not resell my work
.゚☆ You're not allowed to steal or edit my work

.゚☆ 3 slots at same time

.゚☆ I have right to decline/cancel your order

.゚☆ If you want something like18+ please pm me

What i draw


almost everything


What i dont draw


Furry, Shota, explicit violence or blatant sex scenes


✧ prices ✧

digital sketch

(This is not the final size)

halfbody: 15€
aditional character: +10€

fullbody: 20€
aditional character: +15€

Size: A4, 300 DPI


digital lineart


(This is not the final size)

halfbody: 35€
aditional character: +25€

fullbody: 50€
aditional character: +40€


Size: A4, 300 DPI


digital Illustration


(This is not the final size)

(with simple Background)

halfbody: 85€
aditional character: +75€

fullbody: 100€
aditional character: +90€


Size: A4, 300 DPI


Pls use this form for your commission:


▪ Type: (sketch / lineart / illustration)
▪ half or fullbody:
aditional character: Y or N

▪ References: (your character / poses)

▪ Anything else I should know:

Dp size : Y or N (Y + Name)



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