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Hello and Welcome to my page! My name is Hailey but most call me BB.

I’m 20, from California and am obsessed with Disneyland.




Status: Single

Likes: Mac N Cheese, New Friends, Art, IMVU

Dislikes: Mean People, Animal Cruelty

Hobbies: Drawing, Making Collars




Contact Info:

IMVU - Plz

Discord - Ask


Ky5wXTw0tKmdzI0BUk5MphdLalkHUU4XogJoVHz5Mz7ue7k5512S15BVmDJjePyJ6PJ2UIAN-mNtkLByFtolVE77zlXy9BS38vY79dteSdmY-eZ9El2NhTltW9peEhtVvUKvJ5h8Made By: MourningQPsqFMASD_BcCHJNY_L4amYDrTtpThYplAwrHKwl-YeGz1RhuK4Z9ovIareAeq0V1ywIxB6gAdqj7MyxkoMhoxyeSv9IrRtouTYvwrsCRTLPp-vCu2sir5U0VApPD43ri8T4vrDM


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GASR (Graphic Arts Services & Requests) is a creative marketplace and home to all artists, regardless of skill level or craft. Whether you want to offer your services, commission an artist for a project, improve your current skill set with our available resources, share your own creations, or make friends with others who share the same interests, GASR has something to offer everyone!


Graphic Arts:  Any form of visual artistic expression.  (e.g. traditional and digital painting, drawing, photography, printmaking, graphic design, etc.)

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