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  1. Void

    Void'Shop 💦NEW COMMISSION ( 2/7 )

    @waifull of course I will change! and I hope not to forget and tysm!
  2. Void

    Void'Shop 💦NEW COMMISSION ( 2/7 )

    @Noxey order accepted bb! @Kiom awh tysm !
  3. Void

    Void'Shop 💦NEW COMMISSION ( 2/7 )

    @waifull WIP FOR U ! I FINISHED THE FIRST SKETCH I'm waiting for your opinion! and if you want to change something or add! do you want r hands to do them? I may not finish it today because it is night, I will continue it tomorrow morning! I hope you do not mind
  4. Void

    Void'Shop 💦NEW COMMISSION ( 2/7 )

    @Aleck Finished! u want with these names: Ero , Leiden could I continue tomorrow for these names?
  5. Void

    Void'Shop 💦NEW COMMISSION ( 2/7 )

    @Aleck like that? first or second?
  6. Void

    Void'Shop 💦NEW COMMISSION ( 2/7 )

    @Aleck what do you think? I still have some lights to add or if you want it I will leave it as it is
  7. Void

    Void'Shop 💦NEW COMMISSION ( 2/7 )

    @Fallon Order accepted! I love ur ref its hot
  8. Void

    Void'Shop 💦NEW COMMISSION ( 2/7 )

    @Aleck how about a mirror in a steamed background idk @tristan TYSM !
  9. Void

    Void'Shop 💦NEW COMMISSION ( 2/7 )

    @Aleck Wip for u ! I finished with first sketch! if you want changes or adds to tell me! pls suggestions
  10. Void

    Void'Shop 💦NEW COMMISSION ( 2/7 )

    I have not yet received the message from you, I will wait for u to send me! I will work first for @Aleck
  11. Void

    Void'Shop 💦NEW COMMISSION ( 2/7 )

    @papi Order accepted!!! Butiful order!! because it includes the more complex background I will charge u for another $ 7-10 because it includes architecture! can u tell me if u want changes!
  12. Void

    Void'Shop 💦NEW COMMISSION ( 2/7 )

    📢Slots orders completed and paid in time! Hwore ✔️ Sated[2 orders] ✔️ Veillia ✔️ Demtues ✔️ Pains ✔️ Parasitic ✔️ Noxey ✔️ Carve ✔️ Aleck Carve ✔️ Aleck✔️ ✔️- u paid! Waiting pending..waifull ✔️ evs New orders ( now a few hours and a day! ) nimwit carve movi Papi Fallon Noxey
  13. Void

    Void'Shop 💦NEW COMMISSION ( 2/7 )

    @papi Hey! now I woke up working on it!

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