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    Right, I am FINALLY going to open a proper shop, as there isn't any more irl shit stopping me now. I finally have time to focus on my art and do something about it. So, the shop isn't entirely for practice, but more so I need examples of my work for my new shop. I'll be choosing aroud 3 to 4 people I will do something for. Straight up, I want detailed descriptions of what you want and decent references. No, I WILL NOT choose one of your OCs. No, I WILL NOT do 'artistic freedom'. I WILL NOT do art for art hoarders that spam in every free shop. I want something unique, something that will spark my interest. No, big titty goth girls and third eyes are not unique. I normally work with dark colours and sci-fi/gore themes, but I'm open to anything new. I draw both men and women. Here are some WIPs of what I'm working on at the very moment, so you know what to roughly expect, even though neither of those pieces are yet finished:
  2. So I've picked up something I started, God knows how many months ago. It was meant to be for someone however due to my inactivity (had issues in real life, lame crap) my free shopped has been poofed from the forum. Regardless, the design is mine so on that note, would anyone be interested in it once it's done?

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