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  1. Manager

    Free crap

    I will be posting random WIPs here tbh Also I am not taking any more submissions, it's too time consuming to do it for free rip
  2. Manager

    Free crap

    I'm all good now, thanks everyone! Evidence that I'm not slacking @Navigare
  3. Manager

    Free crap

    I'm sorry for my short hiatus, had to sort out crap. I'm getting on them now! Also got 2 free slots
  4. Manager

    Free crap

    Alright, I've picked a few that I'll definitely be doing, which are as follows: @LIIVM @Sorce @Parasitic @RainingPestilence @Navigare I'll take on two or three more, depending on how I feel. If you give me more than one oc to choose from I'm sorry but you won't be considered because making decisions is too much for my dumb brain ok @LIIVM @Sorce @Parasitic @RainingPestilence @Navigare
  5. Manager

    Free crap

    Be very specific about what you want or leave me alone No I will NOT pick one of your OCS That requires decision making that I am not capable of If you give me more than one oc you automatically will not be considered Thanks for coming to my ted talk I only have one example

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