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  1. Hello♥
    Wanted to let you guys know I will be taking a break due to personal situations, don't know exactly how much time but enough to regain myself and come back♥:cutehehehaaas:

    1. Sier


      May it ease! ♥

    2. Cymette


      Sending you lots of love and well wishes. :byaslove:

  2. 2 NEW PREMADES♥ + Happy Valentine's day♥
  3. @Remba sure, let me know what text you want + Pmed
  4. @Flap of course + will keep you updated with Purple Premade ^^
  5. 2 NEW PREMADES For the premade Beret, name will be written like a signature if I think the name will fit good, don't think long names will look nice :c @Flap Payment haven't go thru with Purple Premade, if in 24 hours(16 so far) nothing happens I will let you have the premade if you still interested
  6. @Flap oh no, someone requested it via pm(due to post count) and I already asked to send the invoice, I forgot to edit the post, sorry :c @Kute oww xD I'm about to make some new premades...

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