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  1. Premade shop is gone but I'm not o/ ... just a bit more adsent due to time and stuff:wahay:
    but I will be posting in the premade market when I made one, and also will let you guys know posting a status ^^♥

  2. Hi♥
    I'm back from my break:byaslove: / Added the 4 last Premades of the shop before closing + Explained why there♥

  3. Hello♥
    Wanted to let you guys know I will be taking a break due to personal situations, don't know exactly how much time but enough to regain myself and come back♥:cutehehehaaas:

    1. Sier


      May it ease! ♥

    2. Cymette


      Sending you lots of love and well wishes. :byaslove:

  4. first Santa's volunteer delivery for @Cracker Hope you like it♥
  5. ☃ I'd love to volunteer! ❄ Username: Ephemera Do you promise to complete the artwork no later than Jan. 10th?: Yes♥
  6. Ephemera


    Sims, 2, 3, 4 Stardew Valley Unreal Tournament, 2004 and 3 GTA v Zelda Alice Madness Returns and just found out about Lucius
  7. I do something with the garrison(I google translate this, sorry if its wrong) Like we eating mash potatoes with meat, I need to have a piece of meat for every bite, I cut them in small pieces and calculate how many bites I'm gonna have to finish... If I end with more meat at the end, better

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