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  1. Hey everyone just wanted to make a little update Art Theft has happened and it honestly makes me very upset... I havent had art stolen for a very long time.. I'm not taking this one lightly and will be becoming a little more strict in my shop Some changes to my text will change and I will be pm'ing order's now to my customers instead of posting them in here to show. I will show wips in here but final products even with the X watermarking will be placed into Customer pm's only now. I will still tag the customer in my shop saying I pm'd them just to give them double the notification just in case. Here's some updates on how I will be doing text now. it wont always look this way but similar I want to start putting the Customers Username as a Watermark + The text they prefer on the text like so Again these are just examples on something I will end up doing on order's from now on It just helps so that if art does get stolen there's a watermark present in the actual picture
  2. @Spacer Finished! Please send credits to Felikz @ IMVU ♥
  3. @iMonx Accepted! these will be a little difficult for me but im willing to take on a challenge!
  4. @Spacer Wip for you c': @xB00MXx Wip ^o^
  5. @Oyatsu Finished your order hun please send payment to felllikz@gmail.com ( thats 3 lower case L's ) ♥
  6. @Mai Would you like to be added to my waiting list? Currently my credit slots are full ^^
  7. @Elzy Was able to edit over the wip'ed version I had so most of it was saved ;w;! I just had to color all over again which sucked >.< please send payment to felllikz@gmail.com ( 3 lower case L's )
  8. @Elzy Soooo... For some odd reason my file keeps giving me an error whenever I try to open up your order's file idk how to fix this because I never had this issue before .m. I can't edit it or anything because it wont open I will have to redo it all again...so my apologizes if it takes a little bit longer... ;-;
  9. .:?:..Monster Babies..:?:.

    First time coloring in paint tool sai >~< Been messing around in sai for a whole now with a tablet im borrowing from my sibling Made this in the process and thought it came out pretty good but since I'm not gonna be doing anything with it so I'm just gonna sell it ♥
  10. @iMonx Finished! Please send payment to felllikz@gmail.com ( thats 3 lower case L's )
  11. @Elzy This better? c: @Sucky Alrighty hun just fill out the forum and I will add you to my waiting list ♥

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