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Felix or Feli
Sex : ♂
Orientation : Gay 
Status : Taken
Occupation : Currently trying to start up a mini shop online with my sibling
Hobbies : Drawing, Reading(Manga), Watching anime/youtube, Cosplaying, Being lazy

Hello Hello!
I'm an art newbie(still classify myself as one), but I've been interested in art and have been drawing since I was very young. Didn't start taking actual art lesson's until middle school. I've been growing as an artist ever since

I'm taking order's here on GASR &IMVU(but only in my shop on IMVU)
I love to draw mainly chibi like anime character's, I'm trying my best to get better at anatomy but I'm not that good at it so please bare with me.

I'm a very nice person so please don't be afraid to talk to me or contact me I don't bite. I love to make new friend's even if I'm a very socially awkward person...orz


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