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Tiffany| Tiffie/Tiff|18

Art by  @Koju


Hello!  I'm an Asian-American living in Texas. I'm quite an awkward-shy person, and quiet, but  I can get out of that once you get to know me a  bit more. I do tradiional art and I'm currently starting college this year 2019-2020. Art has been a big part of my life. Also... I'm quite a slow person :lazerollcry:
Here are  more listed things about me:
Interest: Plants, watercolor, photography, paint
Music: lofi, alternative-rock, indie, krnb, kpop, jazz

Art: I'm quite lazy when I do art and  I end up doodling. I like being creative though and also make things.

Anyways have a good day! :keyes:


Personal IG: Tea.fie

Art IG: Tiffie.d_art

Photography Tumblr: sajin-yesul

Main Tumblr: douze-nite


 art by @Kia

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Friendly Server: Plants:cutefingergun:

^ feel free to join my friendly server

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