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  1. merrychristmas.gif.132ec41480b0b440eb62f57848041f3d.gif


    I'm leaving tomorrow to visit my family for 2 weeks!!!! finally!!!! 

    I wont be active during that time bc guess who aLSO found out they can't pack their pc!! me!! this kid!! 


    bUT I will be back in January and hopefully I can kick things back into gear. I've been extremely inactive this month due to exams and preparing for the trip!!

    I love you all and i hope you have a WONDERFUL holiday

    enjoy your breaks!! enjoy your family!! enjoy your friends!! enjoy yourself!!!!! 

    +giving some love to those of you who need it today and later. I wish the utmost best for all of you:byaslove:


  2. 5a12367b01218_thankfulformyturkeyass.gif.105177b3dc45b9763c9a4bf1f31b9ced.gif

    lil thing for thanksgiving as a reminder to myself and to you as well that we deserve our own appreciation and our own kind words because we're all super awesome but no one is as cool as ourselves!!! 

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    2. Sam


      I love this and you soo much babs! I'm so glad you're doing well! :yes::bfpervyblush:

    3. Kayla


      i love u too, sammy. i hope you're doing wonderfully!!! missing you like always!

    4. Sam


      Aww I miss you too Kay!! :blush: I'm handling things pretty well I believe. Got myself into a club as its Event Coordinator! Going to college early and just quit my second job for my third so now I work at a cute little tea bar! :bfpervyflirt: But the grind never stops. :bfcry:

  3. Moderator Applications are OPEN!

    Good luck to all of you sweeties! Maybe in a couple years I'll join you
  4. Positive Thursday: 80 Things to be Thankful for | 8 Women Dream Project

    who's ready to stuff their face in 22 days?

  5. Hey GASR, let's talk...

    I think I joined GASR back in 2014 and I literally just surfed the threads. Never made a post until about a year later, but I quickly became more active after. To me, GASR has never been toxic (it's had some rough bumps, but nothing too extreme), but jesus it has grown so much. Thanks to the staff, the members, this move, everything. I have literally watched us all grow and flourish into something beautiful. I was 400% for the move and it kind of threw me off that there were people who weren't? I mean like when the move was first brought up I was so excited because GASR at that time was slowing down immensely. People were leaving left and right, feeling out of place and hunting for better platforms. I debated for a bit whether or not I wanted to kind of explore and break away from old GASR since it was becoming malnourished, but idk. This is a great community and the only one I've actually put my efforts and love into. I don't personally know a lot of you, but I seriously thank all of you for allowing me to exist here with you. Honestly, we all deserve some love for letting this all flow like it is, but staff holds a special place in my heart LOL You guys work your asses off to deliver us a safe place to express and make a living for ourselves. Developing this new start into something official takes willingness and a hell of a lot of effort, but not only that. You're pretty much volunteering for this. I know GASR must take as much effort as an actual paying job, so for you to do it for free (I know GASR has donations, but I mean YOU personally) is astounding and I am utterly proud of all of you. You are providing a space where artists and non-artists can be who they wish to be. This is literally how some of our members pay for their bills and make most, if not all, of their living. That is extraordinary. Thus, I must thank you again. I know I've rambled a lot, but I wish I could just express how grateful I am for all of this. I probably would've stopped drawing if the inspiration of GASR and its people never found me. Creativity is part of who I am so that's a big deal to me. Art is a drive and a huge passion for a lot of us, so for this site to encourage that passion is absolutely important. I think we underestimate that sometimes. I'm sorry to those of you who actually read this whole bit LMAO I know it's a lot, but I'm really glad this topic was created. It's refreshing to be able to talk and connect. I wish I knew you guys a bit more, and I'm truly sorry that I have not gotten out of my shell enough to do so! I am trying to be more openly active, especially now since so many warm-hearted people are showing themselves and reassuring me that it's safe!! to come!!! out!!! p.s gasr looks 400000x more professional, organized, and better overall site-wise than old gasr in my opinion :^)
  6. chibird gifs | Tumblr

    it me i'm the ghost :^)


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