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  1. SCREE- I LOVE IT SO MUCH ! It was well worth the wait, tysm uwu
  2. That makes sense, the hair is fine the way it is then ! Thank you for being so flexible.
  3. the neon red antlers would be great, and if the hair could be a little more voluminous that'd be amazing <3 proof of payment here!
  4. ☾ T y p e : Single ☾ R e f e r e n c e s : Sta.sh! You can use whichever you like best! ☾ A n i m a t i o n s : Christmas-y sparkles, eye sparkle optional? ☾ N a m e : Han ☾ W a t e r m a r k : Viban ☾ P r i c e : $4.50 USD ☾ P a s s w o r d : roro

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