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  1. DeathBelle

    premade 18

    Love it!
  2. DeathBelle

    space slime!!

    Oooo a sexy slime monster?
  3. DeathBelle

    within limitation

    Love the Poe vibes.
  4. DeathBelle

    Premade 128

    Really pretty!
  5. DeathBelle

    Curiosity of the Unknown

    Gorgeous!!! She is absolutely stunning. I love how you were to make her skin look wet with the water.
  6. DeathBelle

    Commission Fullbody - Natsume

    Oh wow, beautiful job. She is really pretty.
  7. DeathBelle

    Post Your Mood with a GIF (v2)

  8. DeathBelle


    Love the eye animation.
  9. DeathBelle

    Premade Available

  10. DeathBelle

    Commission for Laney

    This is so super freaking cute!
  11. DeathBelle


    Beautiful! I really love it.
  12. DeathBelle


    Hello! My name is Belle. My imvu name is DeathBelle. I am new to GASR. I joined to experience the joys of an artistic community. I like to make dp's, and dev in the imvu catalog. I am really excited to be here. Considering I spend way too much on dp's. I may be a really good customer to a lot of you as well. lmao. I am 26 years old, and live in Ohio. I work online. So I am on here quite a lot. Feel free to send me a message saying Hi. I am friendly and love to chat. ^-^
  13. Okay. Thank you.
  14. I am trying to purchase files from the file exchange, but it tells me I do not have download permissions. How do I get the permission?

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