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  1. Love it! This style of art is always a favorite of mine. ^-^
  2. New premade posted.
  3. DeathBelle's Premades Hello! My name is Belle and I am starting to sell premade dp artwork. I am still learning the digital trade so please be patient with me. ๐Ÿ˜Š Rules: โ™ฅ Please submit order form into the comments below. It may take up to 48 hours for me to respond. โ™ฅ No refunds, all sells are final. โ™ฅ I will not deliver gifts, if you buy a DP for someone else. You are responsible for giving it to them. โ™ฅ Please stay positive in my shop, no negative comments. โ™ฅ Do not send payment until I have approved your order. Those buying with credits will purchase a credit sticker in my IMVU catalog. I will accept both credits and paypal, but I prefer paypal. Available Premades Smokin' Hot - 10k or $5 USD Order Form Premade Name: Text on Premade: (I will not leave it nameless) Payment: (Do not send until I have approved the order) Examples Some of my work will use stock photos by TheGuillotine3, Limes, Pey and MakeMeMagical.
  4. DeathBelle


    Wow those colors are stunning.
  5. DeathBelle


    A custom I recently worked on.

    © Owned By DeathBelle

  6. DeathBelle


    Love the tits ;D
  7. I am a huge bookworm! I can't miss out on this topic. Hehe Do you have a specific type of reading material you prefer? Not really, I can get into just about anything interesting as long as it can keep me glued to my seat. lmao What is a type of reading material you just can't get into? Hmmm.. If I would have to pick something... I would say the newspaper. What are you currently reading/re-reading? I am re-reading the Anita Blade Vampire Hunter series for the 9th or 10th time. xP Favorite author(s)? Laurell K Hamilton. Favorite book/other reading material(s)? I can't really pick one. D: Favorite series? Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Favorite genre(s)? Fantasy, romance, mystery/horror. What book, series, and/or author would you recommend? I would totally recommend my faves, but be warned Anita Blake's series can get extremely perverted. xD
  8. Granted but then your pen tablet decided to take batteries instead for some weird reason. xD I wish that I could eat all I want without gaining weight.
  9. So pretty. Love the kitsune marks.

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