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  1. Cannibalism

    [ ◓ Sade in the 90's ◓ ] [Freebs picked]

    Text: Jassy OC: Corra , Joey, Liyla Theme: Cutesy but also darker aesthetic Thank you for considering <3
  2. Cannibalism

    ☾ Practice Shop

    Text; Jassy or Dybbuk Oc's: Joey, Corra , Stormie Extra; Thank you for considering love <3
  3. Cannibalism

    super sketch

    OC's : Stormie , Corra , Liyla Text: Jassy
  4. Cannibalism

    ♡ Toe beanies ♡ 0/3

    If you cant do the hood love thats alright , you can do whatever you think will go well with the outfit <3
  5. Cannibalism

    ♡ Toe beanies ♡ 0/3

    Ohp sorry about that love, Stormie , Liyla , Corra
  6. Cannibalism

    ♡ Toe beanies ♡ 0/3

    Name: Jassy Ocs: OC's Extras: Whatever you think will look good with which ever OC Favorite animal: Any type of snake or Koala's
  7. Cannibalism


    ~ Form ~ Text - Jassy Theme - Dark Refs - OC , OC Background - Whatever you think would look good Music Inspo - 90's grunge/alternative Animation - (if any) Artist freedom Comments/Extra: Thank you for considering <3
  8. Cannibalism

    Try my OC's

    Recently made 2 OC's one darker ~ Stormie <3 and one pastel ~ Liyla <3 (for liyla outfit black and pink with black and white bunnies) Corra If you consider creating them, do not sell as a premade. Any and all styles of art are welcome Text; Jassy . Watermark; Dybbuk
  9. Cannibalism

    Moon Phases - Slots Open

    Style: Art from scratch Screenies: In OC Background: Whatever you think will look good c: Text: Jassy Refs:( put everything you want please. hair style and color etc); Stormie OC (Screenie for skin color) (If you cant do the pose I can find a new one ) Extra: (Animation: Yes / no : what kind?): Nope Music: 70's-90's alternative/rock Price: $17
  10. Are you taking anymore orders at this time? c:
  11. Cannibalism

    TekTek Freebies

    If not thats fine hun (:
  12. Cannibalism

    TekTek Freebies

    Hair tied up, braided, or down: Down Hair Length: Mediumish Long Hair Color: Dark blood red Shirt or Dress?: Shirt Shirt/Dress Color theme: Darker theme Pants or Skirt? (If dress, ignore): Pants Pant/Skirt Color theme (If dress, ignore): Ripped skinny jeans Shoe Color / Shoeless: Black Shoe Type (Heels, Sneakers, Etc): Boots Accessories: Little septum piercing Facial Expression: Whatever you see fit c: Eye Color: Heterochromia ~ one greyish blue, one blueish green Skin Color: Fair to light Extra: Her to hold a black bunny
  13. Cannibalism

    Post Pictures for Practice [PPFP]

    Text; Jassy or Dybbuk OC; Stormie <3 , Corra <3 Screenie; Stormie screenie Will love in any style (Chibi, semi realistic, etc.) Artistic freedom for background and background colors c: Dont steal , copy or sell as a premade Can be used as an example Message if you decide to use the OC
  14. Cannibalism

    Cutesy DP

    Hey! I've been wanting a cute chibi or any other type of bunny dp . I have a reference from google of what I want I'd want the hair to be an auburn color , and eyes changed to be a dark emerald green Reference ~
  15. Cannibalism

    Dp of a anime character

    Im looking for someone to make a DP of Runa Yomozuki from the anime Kakegurui. Below is a picture of the character Runa. https://prnt.sc/lfo5m9 Picture reference is from google

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