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Heyy :) I'm bat some people say I'm kinda like Deku from my hero academia? I kinda act like him because I'm shy,Quiet and I write everything down like how he has it like in the Anime hehe...

Well Im 16 

I'm Canadian I guess you really don't need to know that haha.

Male OChttps://sta.sh/01kl31lqoxt5

Crimson OChttps://sta.sh/0kat5zixloa

My OC ahh

v (the Link to my OC ) v


 Batcoon.png.fcb8d0ae959557c26c30bc069642b224.png.719798c7dd6c244cbbc6380eb7096c9f.png By @LostKimin

image.png.00b5154fe35c8de2b4ccd8384e1a5e1c.png.e6d918c526b05e2ccf0d8f077f1d0e52.pngBy @Calypso

888744253_NewCanvas1-1.png.88b412f9955dfb5a0264205f5701249e.png.c010f2e546ab8559c2f1aa5069e958ca.png By @Gutz

819371424_ForBatcoon.png.5d3aafa480dddd3c1d5d9e9163610cba.png.c301f140f0f1ba39111884cd2d91a402.png By @lSinny

imageproxy-20_php.png.88a434f0b243ef136f729687528e06a6.pngBy: @Selena


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