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About Me

hello! im emily (or you might know me as quaph) and i like to draw cute anime stuff

i'm currently in college for concept art, so if i get busy it's probably cause school stuff

you can always pm me if you have questions about anything!

i'm usually pretty friendly, so you can always shoot me a pm or add me on discord!



i have an online store where I sell stickers and acrylic charms, and soon to be enamel pins!



i am currently taking 2 custom slots

price is $50

comes with a 640x880 and 160x220 size

i only do customs like a few times a year

note that these custom pieces are a bit more expensive because 

1. school is more important and i am dedicating time for YOU

2. i don't open customs often unless i am in a tight pickle 

please PM me if you're interested! 

slots (0/2)





you can check out my premades by clicking the little cake roll below!



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