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  1. eeeeee shes so cute!! can she have a little blush too if not thats okay!!
  2. background idea lemme know if thats okay x
  3. its honestly perfect so far, we abso love it babe <3333
  4. thank you so much! excited for it to be done 😄
  5. xoxoxo super excited babe! proof of payment right there
  6. thank you so much! were both excited for it! xo
  7. its just like in the picture with him on the left holding me 🙂 and he wants to grin whereas i just wanna lil smirky smile !
  8. ✦ . Write here what style you want : Drawing ● Pose & References / Oc : xo ● Background / fav colors : fave colors are pinks and blues ● Animation (?) / extras : blinking ● Text & total payment : angelface & 17 $ ● Bust / tights : tights

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