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  1. Haziel

    P O L Y C H R O M A - OPEN

    Preview of new hair colors coming soon.
  2. Haziel

    P O L Y C H R O M A - OPEN

    @1950s, Invoice sent.
  3. Haziel

    P O L Y C H R O M A - OPEN

    @Kyle: Textures sent! <3 Blonde is indeed quite difficult because of the lack of colors, but I hope these turn out handy for you! ;) And thank you again for purchasing!
  4. Haziel

    P O L Y C H R O M A - OPEN

    @Kyle: Invoice sent! And hahaha, thank you! I spent so many years perfect these, I might be releasing more soon since I have a few files that I found. And I see you know Roy! Say hi to him from me, Polychroma!
  5. Haziel

    P O L Y C H R O M A - OPEN

    Textures have been sent! @Kyle
  6. Haziel

    P O L Y C H R O M A - OPEN

    @Kyle: Invoice sent! Will email the textures once payment is received!
  7. threatening hanzo mains with swords wont do anything



  8. this is the peak of my artistic abilities. there can be nothing that can top this

    this is it guys. my masterpiece, the piece people will see when i die

    nekolas cage



    1. lord


      i........ i........ i have been scarred for life. i will never forget this moment.............. forever ingrained into my psyche................. i will reference this image IRL for the rest of my life and everyone will just assumee.......... im crazy............................................................. thanks for this.....


      edit: i made it my tagline..... i can't.... stay away....................................


      edit edit: i made this copyrighted version (haven't shared it at all) and was wondering if i could share it as a reaction image/my own personal shrine.




      (ofc i will delete this from my computer/not share it if you say no or i can have the watermark say something else)

    2. Haziel


      @lord LOL have fun with it. My signature is on it as well and thank you for the watermark too!
      I really made this as a meme picture so it's fine to be shared!

    3. lord


      @Haziel you are a god. thank you. :bfahh:

  9. Haziel

    Art Chat / Wips and Advice

  10. Haziel

    Galaxy Forest

    Hello, I'd love to give this a try! Here's my pricing and samples, all art is done on a A4 canvas!
  11. Haziel

    Show off your latest creation! (v2)

    Food Fantasy has an art event so here I am.
  12. Haziel

    P O L Y C H R O M A - OPEN

    @Hayden Textures sent, sorry for the delay. Thank you again for your purchase!
  13. Haziel

    P O L Y C H R O M A - OPEN

    @Hayden; I gotcha. You can send payment to https://www.paypal.me/jaycewong I'll email your files when payment is received. C:

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