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    Art commissions are open c:
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  1. Hakirei

    Doodle 2

    always dabest mah nenas <3
  2. If anyones interested on commissioning, visit my art shop c: ty~

    © Hakirei

  3. FInally free of tasks that made my head hurt. Currently re-opening my shop~! 2 slots only ( no price change ).
  4. Finally back on track, gonna do the 2nd request of @Carve, also, @Axuiii’s request is accepted~!
  5. Would you mind if i finish up the second order of yours? its just really pretty i cant wait to draw it so i did xD heres the result~ ( un watermarked version in your pm )
  6. ofc its allowed! :D but it might take a while, is that okay? if its okay dont forget to send the proof of payment so i could add you to the list.
  7. Accepted~ and pending :D. Theres one thing to clarify tho, which are the names that you really want on the upcoming finished artwork? My imvu is Hakirei @IMVU.
  8. yup! c: you do get a dp crop and also the full size version. and yes the total will be 25k creds

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