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    Art commissions are open c:
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  1. Hakirei

    Doodle 2

    always dabest mah nenas <3
  2. If anyones interested on commissioning, visit my art shop c: ty~

    © Hakirei

  3. FInally free of tasks that made my head hurt. Currently re-opening my shop~! 2 slots only ( no price change ).
  4. Finally back on track, gonna do the 2nd request of @Carve, also, @Axuiii’s request is accepted~!
  5. Would you mind if i finish up the second order of yours? its just really pretty i cant wait to draw it so i did xD heres the result~ ( un watermarked version in your pm )
  6. ofc its allowed! :D but it might take a while, is that okay? if its okay dont forget to send the proof of payment so i could add you to the list.
  7. Accepted~ and pending :D. Theres one thing to clarify tho, which are the names that you really want on the upcoming finished artwork? My imvu is Hakirei @IMVU.
  8. yup! c: you do get a dp crop and also the full size version. and yes the total will be 25k creds
  9. Current price drop till the 20th december Dp size 15k creds. Full size 20k creds (1600x2200)

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