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So..... Hi! Im



I am basically a potato, and I mean it.

I love to draw, eat, sleep, and Im an otaku ( so I like to watch animes and read mangas ). Im more of a potato person, I dont really like to go out from my room cuz im too attached to my bed (LOL)

I have been playing IMVU since 2011, and it has been a great experience meeting users worldwide and took some lessons from it.  

Only works on weekends ( saturday & sunday ). i usually reply fast within weekdays *u*


1254827048_lumpy_space_princess_by_luigiversh-d3co7zm.gifc200.gif.00e006e1044ebf02baed0e3502505bdc.gifHeres some lumpy space princess. LOL ( omg im so random ).

What I basically draw


image.png.1cc61de7356f5f04c3533e92508949ef.png   hakimdp-sabbu2.png.5426361831e1b0d79cf5c6ece1387d3c.png   image.png.0c03399d4512e9c079a7e8ae290dde42.png


What I am bad at drawing





Short Haired- guy

Mature guys or non cute thingy



Thats all for the intro... I think.


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