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    ♡ Help Me Practice! ♡ [Temporarily Closed]

    References: https://sta.sh/222p9tibkre3?edit=1 Name / Text: Agentkaiju Vibe: For Kiwa- Yandere Waifu , Kagome - Tsundere Waifu and For Kagami - Himedere Waifu Extra (OC backstory, favourite song etc.,): These tree Girls are my Oni triplet OCs. Of course you don't have to draw ALL of them you can pick whoever you find more interesting. They were all born in the forrest on the foot of Mt. Fuji. They were given names by humans who had encountered them and fleed. Kiwa means "She is born on the Borderline" she was given this name because she is a very harsh demanding person that will get what she wants when she wants. She loves Pinup stuff and Collecting shiny items. Often she lurks around Shrines as she has a crush the Priest's son. Though she'd never admit that. Her Favorite song is GTA - Red Lips feat. Sam Bruno (Skrillex Remix) Kagome means "Lost" She was given this name because she loves to wander around , often along rivers and through alleys at night. She comes off as harsh and strict but she actually can be very caring and helpful , unlike her sister Kiwa she herself could never hurt a fly. She often tries to lead Lost children back home when she encounters them at night. She had a human consort many years ago but he was killed by another villager who saw him being together with an Oni. Her favorite song is Billie Eilish & Khalid - Lovely Kagami Means " Mirror" She was given this name because she loved to mirror other peoples motions and voices. Not just that but she looks like a mirror image of the hyper feminine beauty standart. She likes to be treated well by men and sees herself as a sort of princess. She has many other Yokai consorts before and is very active around those circles. Unlike he two sisters she doesn't like to be around humans too much unless it's in the redlight districts and in Cosplay Parties since she wouldn't look too odd for that event. Her favorite song is MARINA AND THE DIAMONDS | "HOMEWRECKER"
  3. @Bunnycat Oh damnn that looks adorableeeee!! Hit me up with your Paypal so i can send you the money you well deserve with this awesome Dp!!! ahh it's so prettyyyy!!
  4. OCs:Iris , Galya or Yolane (Yolane and Galya are twins on the opposite sides...yes they're starwars based ocs pls no judge XD) Text:AgentKaiju Background idea:For iris it would be nice to have a blood splattered pink wall , for Galya just wired fench for Yolane just a forrest or an icy wasteland. Animations: any or none i don't really mind Total: 4 € You can pick whoever you want of my oc's i don't really mind to have a DP of either of them^^
  5. @Ukie I will , do you have .com on the end of your email or..?
  6. @Ukie that is really strange because that is the email i have for paypal -proof- , i have a secondary one in there as well maybe try that one and if that doesnt work ..then maybe paypal.me could be another way to do it?
  7. Style: 1v2 Screenies: Screenies , references ( if you want to take a look at it. Also btw she is a star wars oc so thats why the dark uniform and all not that she's like....a nazi or something.) And for the uniform it would be nice if sintead of that eagle and all it's has the First order insignia on it. Background color: Dark Red Text: Agentkaiju Text color:Red Watermark text: Agentkaiju Additional features: Blinking Tip: Of course Bribe?: N/A Paypal e-mail : sandrabuschdrof96@hotmail.com Total: $8,60
  8. AgentKaiju

    hi lol

    Text: AgentKaiju Size:DP size Refs: Here Extra: Anything goes really i just like vintage mixed with old timey uniform. Also i love love love your Art style and your art in general it looks amazing !

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