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  1. @Bugy Hope you like @Xyri Accepted and invoice sent @Boogz Accepted! Base $8 + change bright $1 + change expression $4 + blink $1.60 = $14.60 please lmk if is okay and i'll send ain invoice
  2. No problem hun! Tyvm fot ordering here I'm glad you like! Tyvm fot ordering here
  3. @Mango Accepted! Base $9 + open mouth and spider crawl $4 = $13usd If is fine you can pm me your pp email @Bugy Accepted! Base $18 + both blink (x2) $3.20 + bribe $8 = $29.20usd If is fine please let me know and i'll send an invoice @Naden Accepted and invoice sent @Borderlands Accepted and invoice sent
  4. @Precedence No problem, sorry for delay :< @Boogz I hope you like @Chy I Hope you like Private order done and sent
  5. I'm glad you likee tyvm for ordering here @Precedence I hope you like♥
  6. Invoice sent @Borderlands Hope you like
  7. Nono tyvm for order here i'm glad you like
  8. Sure, no problem hun Accepted! Can pm me your pp email please?

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