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  1. Lollirot

    Portrait: 001

    My first time seriously trying to CG. Long road ahead.

    © Naomi Stephenson

  2. Lollirot

    Work In Progress

    Some of you may be aware I never CG. I think very poorly of my coloring and have never seemed to pick it up. Well, I really have been pushing myself this past week. A lot of videos, tutorials, etc. I started this at like 5, so it's been 6-7 hours of trial and error but. HOLY CRAP I THINK I AM STARTING TO PICK THIS UP AND AM REALLY PROUD SO FAR.
  3. Lollirot

    EDC Unicorn Sweetheart

    Giiirl. If I could CG anything like you. Whatever reason I ain't picking up on colouring very well. And the styles I can manage don't do justice to my lines.
  4. Lollirot

    EDC Unicorn Sweetheart

    It all started with one tight, pulled back ponytail.

    © Naomi "Lollirot" Stephenson

  5. Lollirot

    Work In Progress

  6. Lollirot

    Show off your latest creation! (v2)

    Just a clip of the piece. And yes, she is covered.
  7. Lollirot

    Fullbody Female Base 001

    Version 1.0.0


    Lineart Base for Adoptables → File is 3k px wide x 5k+ px tall. → Lineart is separate from the white background. → File content size 3.4 MB. → The Rules: You are required to credit me in any form of sale of content produced from this base. This means a public notice in some form in your thread or any location you post for sale. File may be used off of GASR so long as all terms and conditions remain applied. Upon purchase of file you agree to said terms. Breach of such will result in DMCA filing against you. Base may be used for custom orders, premades, adoptables, character sheets, etc. Enjoy as you see fit. The sky is the limit. Your purchase of this file is for you and only you. It may not be gifted, granted, traded, or anything of the sort to any other persons at any time. Do not Frankenstein using this base. You are not to take hands, feet, or facial features from the base into art of your own. Never make claim of the base as your own work. Please refer to rule #1. Questions. Comments. Concerns. Drop them in a DM to me as you see fit. Please do not contact with base requests. I rarely take on 100% custom commission.


  8. Lollirot

    Show off your latest creation! (v2)

    Now, if only I could CG at all . . . My style of color thus far does NOT go with my lines the way I want. But damn do I love to sit and do linework. D:
  9. Lollirot

    Work In Progress

    ( 100% there is no actual nudity. I just didn't draw the bodysuit lines yet. )
  10. Lollirot


    I need a moment to deal with this. All of this.
  11. Lollirot

    IRL Photos

  12. Lollirot

    Music (v2)

    This one is a huge addiction issue for me as of late;;

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