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  1. This is my oc, thanks for considering
  2. Arianna


    That bird is adorable!
  3. 💐 Thy God, Bring us Spring! 💐 Artist: Crima God/Goddess/Deity: Iris Bid Amount: SB
  4. Alright! Sounds good to me! I’m thinking about buying vip soon anyways, I’ll definitely buy it if it’ll improve the hp all around
  5. Ohh okay that makes sense, yeah that's what I meant, I wasn't sure the logistics of it so thanks for clearing it up
  6. I had another question really quickly! Does the standard layout come with the full page(idk if that makes sense??), some layouts are smooshed together and have a scroll bar whereas others have the full page without the scroll - essentially how you're live homepage previews are that take up the whole page, if that makes sense? If not, would it be possible to switch to another package that did have it?
  7. Arianna


    Off topic but your DP is gorgeous
  8. Oh I’m sorry! Thank you for accepting anyway, I don’t mind a wait
  9. I'd love another HP by you! Hopefully the last slot is still open -Form- -Nick: Canary -Order (layout / product page): Layout -Public or private wips sharing? Private -Style: standard -Is a gift?: No -Buttons / links: About me, Updates, Love, and FAQ please! -Filedrive access (for layouts): PM -Refs & colors (you can choose a palette from here): All refs here - I know you aren't allowed to use the pixels/art but it's just to point you in the direction of what I'm looking for -Extras: I'd love for it to be black and pink entirely, the predominant pink being hot pink with a black background :) I added a few aesthetic+references, but really feel free to add or replace what you think would look good. I added a box positioning ref, but I'd like the buttons to be positioned differently and a recent visitors panel; position as you feel fitting. I'd also love new buttons for the "Add, block, invite to chat, and report!" Theme I'm going for is diva devil -Design font: (from here, it has to be 100% free) Hello Vintage or Arabella -Payment method (paypal / credits): Credits - Could you let me know a price?
  10. Ari u my wifey I forever love you:lazeflirt:

  11. Spoiler



  12. I think you're referring to her sketches/wips! They aren't PYOC; they typically come with the colors already decided and you can just claim the sketches based on what appeals to you

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