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  1. Updated, hope the oc I added is better now Her references aren’t as strict and more to artistic freedom update: added another and extremely simpler oc if Regina is too much (just to throw in options)
  2. Arianna

    Official GASR Forum Discord

    Link doesn't work
  3. Arianna

    Lurk [3]

    Sir Grump is hella attractive
  4. Youtube rewind is now the most disliked video on youtube... y i k e s

    youtube .png

    1. waifull


      LOOOL idek what that is 

    2. Dykz
  5. Arianna

    Christmas special offer ツ CUSTOMS ツ

    Sorry to mess up/clutter this thread, but I was just wondering how long this offer was going to be up for? I have 2 OC's I'm dying to get done from you that I won't probably be able to place an order for until around the 20th
  6. Arianna

    Practice [full]

    Text: Ari/Arianna OC's / Refs: BG color: Red or Green + DP crop?: Sure!
  7. Is this shop still going to be active? Btw congrats on the premade shop
  8. Envy kinda looks like a goth Ariana Grande, just the same though she's absolutely stunning
  9. I'm 5 for laughing at this :hee:

    im 5.png

  10. ♥ Style: 1 ♥ Text: Ari with watermark Arianna ♥ References: Can I pm? ♥ Extra/add-ons: Could you please try to add her snake into the frame? I have some pre-set poses with the snake included, If not that's fine ♥︎ ♥ Animation?: Yes please! Maybe blinking and (only if you do the snake) make the tongue go in and out of the snakes mouth? ♥ Payment: 12k ♥︎ I'm not even gonna lie, I was stalking this shop for a slot so hard, sorry Order 2: ♥ Style: 1 ♥ Text: Ari with watermark Arianna ♥ References: PM'd ♥ Extra/add-ons: Everything in stash ♥︎ ♥ Animation?: Yes, whatever you feel fitting! I leave that to artistic freedom ♥ Payment: 12k ♥︎
  11. I have a serious question for you guys, what personality types are you? I'm an ISTP-T/Virtuoso:keyes:


    If you don't know - here's the quiz you can take: https://www.16personalities.com

  12. This years youtube rewind is so bad.. It's literally like they took everything that everyone wanted and did the exact opposite :lazetears:

    1. Naptime


      I don't even wanna watch it LOL

    2. Arianna


      @Naptime Honestly I wouldn't even bother LOL It's such a waste of 8 minutes

  13. Arianna

    What is this? (OPEN)

    That's depressing, I won't make it in time Best believe I'll be stalking until February for a slot
  14. Arianna

    Survive college ; temp

    Text: Ari Oc's: Albino demon , Aurra Your art is so cuteeee

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