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  1. This is so stunning I'm getting cotton candy vibes
  2. You did her beautifully, I am so in love. Thank you!
  3. On the main homepage, scroll down just under the art: Click that and Radar should be as it normally is
  4. Ooo, is this open to post forms or is it YCH forms only?
  5. I'm happy you're back Tino! I got some new oc's for you
  6. Arianna


    Yoo this is stunning, I love the acid burn look
  7. I'd like to participate! Although I'd need help with the overlay, if possible could you help me with this one?
  8. Hi! I was wondering if this premade was still available? Also I was wondering if you did changes to premades?
  9. Whaddup new dashboard :lazerose:

  10. I totally dig the yandere thing you have going on here
  11. Aww awesome! I know you already have a bunch of people volunteering but I'd be happy to slide into the dms as well
  12. This whole thread seems so wholesome If you're interested, here are a few of my OC's: Aurra || Antagonistic Alien, Aerys || Pink Zombie , and this one's a little different but he's a dragon snake Phantom

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