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  1. Text: Arianna Oc's: Zombie Kitter | Albino Demon | Celestia | Aerys I know I'm pretty late, I'm sorryyyy
  2. Arianna

    Lust premade

    This is beautiful Diggin the blonde
  3. Arianna

    Need Examples

    Oc: Scratch | Celestia | Diaspro | Blanca Text: Arianna
  4. Arianna


    This is adorable! Will they be an option in your custom shop when you reopen?
  5. You're welcome! Excited to see the outcome
  6. -Nick: Submissives -Order (layout / product page): Layout -Public or private wips sharing? Private -Style: Standard -Is a gift?: No, for an alt -Buttons / links: About me, Friends, Updates, FAQ -Filedrive access (for layouts): PM -Refs & colors (you can choose a palette from here): Refs - colors are black and white, kinda gothic, if another color fits in there feel free to use it -Extras: There's not much to add, feel free to add more if it fits the theme - going for a lace gothic bunny type of feel -Design font: (from here, it has to be 100% free) Insane or Short Baby -Payment method (paypal / credits): Sticker
  7. Text: Arianna OC: Zombie kitter
  8. Arianna

    notions *WIPS

    In true other Ari with two n's fashion I'm makin an appearance - this is this Pepe's younger and more annoying brother, blepe: Pls take care of him, he's really sensitive
  9. form references; Aurra | Aerys text; Arianna
  10. This style is amazing!! Agreed with happy, I'd love to see premades in this style
  11. Arianna


    He's stunninggggg
  12. ♥FORM♥ ♥Reference: Can I pm? ♥Pose: Sassy hair flip ♥Background: Simple color is fine ♥Type: Full body ♥Style: Which styles come in full body? If it's multiple, you can decide based off of the OC! ♥Color: Full color ♥Text: Arianna ♥Animated(DPs only): N/A ♥Payment type: Credits Although ahead of time, there are a few things I'd like to discuss with you to make sure it's okay/clear ahead of time
  13. I’ll post when I get home!

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