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  1. Show off your latest creation!

    always dark
  2. ouija bored (4)

    two new
  3. ouija bored (4)

    bump will hopefully have some bigger premades up soon
  4. Post Your Mood With A GIF

    on the days that the paperwork gets intense
  5. art style 10 ref: PM'd idea : PM'd price : $35 dp size: yes please animation : yes please text : may I have one with Bella and one with toot?
  6. Show off your latest creation!

    very happy with how this one came out I feel like I'm developing my own style, slowly, but surely
  7. Post Your Mood With A GIF

    behind my desk like..
  8. ouija bored (4)

    new premade up
  9. Artist of the Moment

    I'd like my name down
  10. ouija bored (4)

    one new premade up
  11. ouija bored (4)

    mine too! it's such a good movie, cried when I found out wes craven passed away thank you for ordering love, PM'd
  12. ouija bored (4)

  13. ouija bored (4)

    @Mojito - thank you lovely ^^ will have an animated banner up later tonight

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