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  1. @Yuist Thank you so much, PM'd
  2. @darksalad Awesome, thank you so much for the fast reply
  3. @Yuist Are you currently accepting private orders?
  4. @darksalad Are you currently accepting private orders?
  5. @Windows it's actually a birthday present, so anything I order for her I'm keeping secret lol but thank you so much for the fast response, much appreciated
  6. @no private orders (╥﹏╥) beautiful work though
  7. bella

    ‹ All Night › [2/4]

    She’s absolutely stunning, thank you so much I apologize about asking for additions after the final preview, but is it still possible to add her finger tattoos and move her arm tattoo down just a bit?
  8. bella

    ‹ All Night › [2/4]

    She looks beautiful ^^ I will PM my paypal now
  9. bella

    ‹ All Night › [2/4]

    oooo I'm so excited! Thank you for letting me know, will keep an eye out
  10. bella

    ‹ All Night › [2/4]

    I would like: Bust References: PM'd Idea for background: PM'd Possible pose: PM'd Price: $34 Text: may I please have one with Isabella & one with toot? (all lowercase for toot) Extra: nope
  11. bella

    Need a topic locked or deleted?

    lock please
  12. bella

    ouija bored

    requesting that my shop be locked for now as I do not have the extra time to keep up with it thank you to all who have purchased premades from me I will hopefully be posting new stuff in June bye for now
  13. bella

    ouija bored

    @Morvium thank you for purchasing your image has been sent via PM
  14. bella

    ouija bored

    @Morvium good afternoon yes, thank you for tagging me have not been very active lately, so I truly appreciate it feel free to send payment to isabellaablu@gmail.com when you are ready
  15. bella

    ouija bored

    bump working on another banner may do some bigger premades later on as well

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