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  1. @Kute Thank you! ♥ @satania I could hold it for a few days if you'd like to get it.
  2. Another new one up!
  3. @Hiroki All yours, thank you! You may post proof and I’ll send it as soon as I can.~
  4. New premade up!
  5. Meylith


    SOLD. Follow my shop for more premades!
  6. Meylith

    Premade: Spring

    Available for purchase here:
  7. New premade up! I've decided to try out some effects and challenge myself to make, for once, a darker skin color. [ @Minniez & @Holly , tagging you since you've asked about this before. ♥ ]
  8. @Hiroki That was fast... xD It's all yours! Please post proof and I'll ready it up.
  9. New one up! This time I've decided to animate the larger file as well so whoever buys it will get this version as well.
  10. @Amethyst Thank you. ♥ It's all yours~ Just send me the proof and all the details in PM.
  11. Also, if anyone is interested, I'm selling this piece for cheaper since it's rather old. I've just found it again and figured that maybe someone would still like it!
  12. @booped Here you go, let me know if it's all good! And I'll send you the large image in a sec as well. @Emberly Thank you, I definitely will! Been having lots of fun with them.~
  13. @booped Accepted! You may post proof and I will ready it up. ♥

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