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  1. @Five All yours! I'll send it asap, once you post proof. ❤️
  2. @Layla Yes please, and I'll animate and send it soon, today.
  3. @Layla Aww, thank you. ❤️ It's all yours! It normally comes without animation but if you'd like me to, I can animate it according to my normal prices. ^^ So it would be $15 + $2 + 5$ = $22. Let me know what you decide.
  4. Meylith

    Mey's Premades!♥ [0]

    @Opheliac @Yasin Thank you both. ❤️ I don't know how I didn't see these comments before. xD Also a new one is up! ^^ And Bubbles went from $25 to $15. Starry Bunny- $25
  5. New premade up since I felt like trying out some new coloring effects/animations! Name: Starry Bunny Price: $25
  6. Meylith

    Large Art Request - Fantasy OC's

    @StephMeeow Yaaaay! Thank you. x3 I'm super glad you like it. I will PM you the final files as soon as I get home from work!
  7. Meylith

    Large Art Request - Fantasy OC's

    @StephMeeow Here it is. ^^ I'll animate the lights and send you the DP crop + large art once you post proof. ♥ Paypal is xsaradavinci1995@gmail.com There's also a video with most of the proccess over here if you're interested, since I streamed it. xD Most of it has been muted though.
  8. @Layla Aww, thank you! ❤️ @Sorce No worries, I will do my best to open it up asap! Thank you for your interest. @iMoo Your order is adorable but, yes, unfortunately I'll have this closed until I can sort out all the orders I still owe some people. It shouldn't take too long but I might also switch only to paypal as payment or limit the slots for that, just a heads up if you're still interested! @Vyle Sure thing, I just got a little confused. xD I've changed the title now, so everything would be more clear, sorry for the confusion!
  9. @ilDecay Little update on the colors, I will do my best to finally finish it this week. Let me know if I've forgotten anything, aside from the glasses!
  10. Meylith

    Large Art Request - Fantasy OC's

    @StephMeeow How is this so far? ^^ I switched her hands an eenie bit so that the little butterfly tattoo could be visible as well! All details will be more noticeable when I get to the lineart. xD Let me know what you think!
  11. Meylith

    Large Art Request - Fantasy OC's

    @StephMeeow Hi there! Aww, the request is so cute. ♥ The total price would be $20 base + 3$ for detailed background + $3 for detailed dress + $1 for the lights animation, so $27, would that be okay? ^^
  12. Meylith

    Draw the person above you! (Announcement pg.40)

    Claim! @Bunnycat Wip! I will finish it as soon as I can. @Bunnycat Done! ^^
  13. Meylith

    Large Art Request - Fantasy OC's

    @StephMeeow I'm very sorry to hear that, breakups really suck ; w ; ...I hope that you'll feel better soon!
  14. Meylith

    Needy Art Request

    Offering: Larger Art + DP Crop Cost: $20 with no accessories/animation. ^^ Character: I would love to do Glacia. :3 Examples:

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