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  1. Meylith

    Mey's Customs! [OPEN]

    @Faniteh How is this?
  2. Meylith

    Mey's Customs! [OPEN]

    @Faniteh All good for animation?
  3. Meylith

    Mey's Customs! [OPEN]

    @Faniteh Here are the flat colors, let me know if you'd like any changes. @Ivori Aww, thank you! I'll hopefully stick around got a while now. And here's a first sketch! Is it all good?
  4. Meylith

    Mey's Customs! [OPEN]

    @Faniteh Received, thank you! @Ivori Sure thing.
  5. Meylith

    Mey's Customs! [OPEN]

    @Hiroki Ok! I will do that then. @Faniteh Yeah, I usually don't do split payment since it takes the fee twice but no worries, just send the rest whenever you can. ^^ Also, here's the lineart! I fixed her arm and changed the hand pose a little bit, let me know if you prefer this or what I had before. Also, of course, if there are any other changes you'd like. @Ivori Welcome back, lovely! The total will be $35(base duo) + $5(background), is that okay? Also, if I feel like I won't have much space for the background, I'll be $35 instead. @Crystals To be honest I completely forgot about that. xD But sure! Do you have an exact size in mind?
  6. Meylith

    Mey's Customs! [OPEN]

    @Faniteh Here's a first sketch, I'm not sure where her hair ends so let me know if it's okay. Same with everything else! Once you post proof of the payment I will go ahead and continue. @Hiroki Sure, no problem! Thanks for your orders. ♥ The first one would be $35(base duo) + $4(blinking) + $1(blushing)=$40 And the second one would be $25(base solo) or $30, in case you'd like the background to me more detailed. For example with bubbles, reflections, etc. Let me know! @RoyalJoJo Can you message me on Discord, love? It's been so long that this shop's been closed and I haven't really worked on any of my unpaid past custom orders.
  7. Meylith

    Mey's Customs! [OPEN]

    @Faniteh Since it's your first time ordering I'd prefer it if you paid after the sketch, since I've had some bad incidents happen before where people stopped responding once their art was done. After that, if you ever order again, it's all good to pay once the drawing is finished!
  8. Meylith

    Mey's Customs! [OPEN]

    @Faniteh Accepted! The total will be $25(base) + $4(blinking) + $1(blushing) = $30. Is that okay? @Hiroki Looking forward to it, your OCs are cutee.
  9. Meylith

    Mey's Customs! [OPEN]

    @Wrath I'm still setting it up and all that but yep! I'd like to get back into customs. And I look forward to your form! ♥
  10. Meylith

    Mey's Premades! [1]

    New premade up! This time I've decided to finish it since I had some colors in mind.
  11. Meylith

    Mey's Premades! [1]

    @Lunsta Awww, thank you! I might make a few more of these soon. @Senpai @Wrath Hehe, I'm glad you two like them.♥ And I will see if I can think of more cute ones soon then! Drawing girl duos is seriously fun and adorable. @Stark You're too sweeeeet. So is yours, love. ♥
  12. Meylith

    Mey's Premades! [1]

    Aaand it's up! Minor changes can be made if you just ask.
  13. Meylith

    Mey's Premades! [1]

    @Gerudo @Lunsta Thank youuuu both. ♥ Also, new premade possibly coming up soon! Just thought I'd share the sketch with you since I think it's cute. Not sure if I want to make it a pick your own colors thingy or just finish it myself.~
  14. Meylith

    Premade for Dayzie

    Thank youuu. I'm very glad you do!

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