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  1. Liyah

    GASR Premade Market

    I'm selling: Premade dps Preview: pm if interested ♥ Price: $14 usd each for purple&pink/ blonde one is $12 usd Status: purple: available / pink: pending.. / blonde: available i only hold for 24hrs Has it been 24 hours since you last posted here? Yes Do you have a premade shop? Yes but its a screenshot shop
  2. @ISow No worries! Sorry for sending late. I've been so busy! pm sent thank you ♥
  3. Liyah

    Practice dps

    Recent custom I just did ♥ using xthroughthelightxs hand add on
  4. @Yami Sorry for the wait, i have pm'd your screen. Accepted, you may send.
  5. @Yami Accepted, you may send. ♥
  6. Liyah

    Practice dps

    +update I will be locking this so I can do some of these after I come back this will be deleted, thank you everyone for posting ♥
  7. Liyah

    Need a topic locked or deleted?

    Never mind decided to keep!
  8. @Nimwit Thank you for the tip! Kinda creepy cause "666" :D I have pm'd your screenshots.
  9. Accepted, you may send.
  10. @Unicorns pm sent! @Holland sent also! Thank you for the tip ♥
  11. @Unicorns Accepted, you may send and thank you for the tip ♥ @Holland Accepted, you may send. @Pey I never updated my imvu. @Mya Declined, both screenshots were claimed by Unicorns, I have updated the album with the names who have claimed them Sorry about that!
  12. Liyah

    GASR Premade Market

    I'm selling: Premade DPs Preview: 1. - Hand add on by throughthelightx's hand pack 2. - Hair color, eye color, and top change available (cost extra depending on what) Price: #1 & #2 $5.50 USD each pm if interested  Status: 1. available 2. available Has it been 24 hours since you last posted here? Yes Do you have a premade shop? Yes, but it's a screenshot shop
  13. New Screenshots ♥ @Pey If you'd like to be tag when new screens are up make sure to mention in your form
  14. Last chance to buy the screenshots in the stash Tomorrow they will be gone and there will be new screens up tomorrow! ♥
  15. @Cappster @Unicorns pm'd you both, thank you ♥

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