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♡ About Me ♡





- Name: [email protected]

- IMVU:Blushkitty

- Location: Cali

- Role: fangirl


- I enjoy doing art in my free time, and hope to learn more and show it in my art ♥
Thank you for visiting hope you enjoy!


♥ Likes: the color pink, cats, baby kittens, my boyfriend, going to concerts, amusement parks, the beach, shopping, buying art, making art, anime, manga, drawing


✘ Dislikes: rude people, bugs, spiders


• Sexuality: Straight

• Languages: English


♡ Art I've done♡

Viraine2.png.46eb68cdacf423901d72d44d49e5d933.png 905a.png.474f7a0de1aafeb3b74f445203169877.png immoan.png.681f2edb0a8a4477e370f99a69ed2b2c.png



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