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  1. https://sta.sh/2klch7ziknf This album is 50cr each! 20cr if buying 5 or more!
  2. @Santa Accepted! You may send when ready. ❤️
  3. New Premade Changes possible Hair add on by Linera
  4. @Lunna I will definitely make more like that ♥ @Sippys No worries, Thank you. Enjoy!
  5. @Sippys Accepted, you may send to Buunies ♥
  6. Oh! That would be awesome, credits have been sent. https://prnt.sc/mxjznf Thank you!! ♥
  7. Screenie Link(s): 1, 2, 3, 4 Pack Name(s): Tip (Optional): yes Total Price: 600cr Would you like to be tagged when new screenies are added? yes err I dont think I ever sent credits for my last order :( & I'm sorry, I didn't get a notification,
  8. Accepting credits for #12 & lowered price for #13 ♥
  9. Premade still for sale!

    comes with a chibi version in my shop!



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