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  1. Cherrydoveberry

    ♡ $5 Chibi Shop ♡

    Hi everyone! I just want to do a quick little shop! Only $5 for a chibi! If you want couples it will be 7$ No animation sowwy :D All will be accepted unless proven too difficult :3 I lean towards cutesy things but I can do men and darker female xoxo. Please message me with any questions I can also insert text if you'd like in the form examples are other artwork of your character Form: Text (if any): Example(s): Anything special? IE. Poses or holding anything: Price: or if you'd like a larger one .. $5.00!!
  2. Cherrydoveberry

    Cherry Baby Premades [4] 1 Animated

    Going to the beach for some R&R post when im be back
  3. Cherrydoveberry

    Cherry Baby Premades [4] 1 Animated

    Candy For sale!! 10$
  4. Cherrydoveberry

    Cherry Baby Premades [4] 1 Animated

    Thank you Hailey!! xoxo i missed ya new dp for sale 15$ animated Demon No changes allowed, only add text for buyer
  5. Cherrydoveberry

    Cherry Baby Premades [4] 1 Animated

    Hello Welcome to my shop! My name is Cherrish, but you can call me Cherry! I've recently lost my job so I have lots of time to dedicate to art! If you are interested please feel free to buy! If you need to message me I will reply on this website P a y m e n t: Paypal Cherrydoveberry@gmail.com ♥Payment in USD please (u.s dollars) ♥You pay fees ♥Send screenshot after you have been accepted to receive art ♥no refunds R u l e s: ♥Changes are not available ♥ no animations added on unless created with animation originally ♥ If you have not paid within 48 hours and have not messaged me, the item will go back on market ♥Be nice and patient, I have not had a shop in a long time ♥no stealing or using artwork I've created ♥Prices Vary ♥please use form FORM: ♥Premade♥: ♥Text♥: ♥Price♥: E X A M P L E S: Will add more examples as items sell D P ' S F O R S A L E: Name: Candy Price 10$ 1DP Name: Demon Price: 15$ 1DP Name: Rosie Price: 7$ 1DP Name: Daisy Price: 10$ 1DP
  6. Cherrydoveberry


    oh wow nicely done!
  7. Cherrydoveberry

    Anna (Premade)

  8. Cherrydoveberry

    Premade 21

    lovely :D
  9. Cherrydoveberry


    Reminds me of lady gaga when she was in american horror story
  10. Cherrydoveberry

    Snuskig + Portic

  11. Cherrydoveberry


    very nice
  12. Cherrydoveberry

    Witching Hour. Auction.

    wow well done!
  13. Cherrydoveberry

    007 premade

    really pretty
  14. Cherrydoveberry


    really well done
  15. Cherrydoveberry

    demon cheerleader


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