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    1. Suji


      ahhh, i love them so much! 

      if they do anything to edawn istg ill hunt them down

  2. Suji

    🌻 psro's shopピサロ | open 4/4

    oh dear, i havent been on gasr for a minute, your art still amazes me need to order soon again...
  3. Suji

    ♢ ⓝovember ®ain ツ ♢ (4)

    Wow! Caitlyn is so beautiful, I almost feel tempted to buy her... but ugh kind of broke and rather go for custom art rn jeprdjfgpjfpdj
  4. woooo, im back on gasr and stumbled upon this used to follow your custom shop
  5. Suji

    WANDERLUST | 4/5 | New premade available ~

    Happy birthday to both of you!
  6. Suji

    |✧| Hollow's Tea House |✧| FULL |✧|

    Oh missed it, I will wait for the next spot I'm eager to get some art made by youuuu & probably with references of my ugly self aaaaaa
  7. Suji

    Serendipity - 3 -

    Oh god, you have found my weakness, red, roses and black hair If I wasn't broke I would definitely without a doubt get it.
  8. Suji

    |✧| Hollow's Tea House |✧| FULL |✧|

  9. Suji

    Serendipity - 3 -

    Thank you for accepting dear! proof xoxo
  10. Suji

    Serendipity - 3 -

    I'm broke but this is fucking beautiful & my first piece from you.. ♥ Avatar Name: Ahgase ♥ Premade Name: Gates of Sorrow ♥ Text: Rose (text version 1) and Ahgase (text version 2) ♥ Watermark? yes for text version 2 only! ♥ (if yes) Text of watermark: jalisa ♥ Total price: $45 + 2 = $47 I hope I got the pricing right.
  11. Suji

    Martinus' pre-premade shop! [5 UP!]

    Thank you! Money has been sent. xxx
  12. Suji

    Martinus' pre-premade shop! [5 UP!]

    _________________________________________________________________ PREMADE NAME: Echo YOUR NAME: Ahgase (& one with Rose if possible, if it was in your rules that its not im sorry im blind today) PRICE: 47$ + 3$ tip = 50$ cause i like to round things up ______________________________________________________________________ EH I STILL LIKE RHODA A LOT BUT ECHO IS REALLY REALLY COOL MAN. If only I had the money for both..
  13. Suji

    Martinus' pre-premade shop! [5 UP!]

    Rhoda is trying to steal my heart (and money)
  14. the casual gender mistakes on GASR

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