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  1. Happy New Years! :kcheeks:


    Thank you all great artists for bringing such quality work to GASR and customers for having passionate, joyous and fierce battles with each other for these masterpieces. 


    I hope you all have a good one, cheers! 

  2. peeping that GOT7 :byes:




    1. Suji


      my favesss! :klovee:

  3. Suji

    ☠ Ritual ☠ (0)

    Oh well...... too late! They're all gorgeousssss
  4. Suji

    --Eye of the Storm-- Customs: OPEN - 3/5

    Yesssss loveee it! Can’t wait to see the animations! Thank youuuu
  5. Suji

    --Eye of the Storm-- Customs: OPEN - 3/5

    Ahhh, sorry for the late reply again hahaha, hectic and stressful dayssss! No other changes then that. (reminding you of the discord crops as well) looking forward to seeing it finished aaahh
  6. Suji

    --Eye of the Storm-- Customs: OPEN - 3/5

    yayyyyy, it looks so goooood one question the background wall, it looks a bit purple ish or is it just me being colourblind hahaha idk, but i rather be it more blue if possible maybe that still changes with the light effecttt wooohoo im so happy we're rolling into the final stages (you and everyone else waiting must be happy too hahahaha)
  7. Suji

    --Eye of the Storm-- Customs: OPEN - 3/5

    So happy I woke up randomly Bahaha, okay so we talked and he understands everything now (phewwww, finally). So keep the eyes and background as you were intentionally doinggg them pleaseeee, sorry for the confusion He still wanted to let you know he's extremely happy with your work, so am I! Thank you for making the changes on her and sorry for the wrong impression of the hair oofff. Please continueee
  8. Suji

    --Eye of the Storm-- Customs: OPEN - 3/5

    Yayyyy, so much progresss! Wowww A few things i'd like to ask about, I know your still doing the clothing, skin and hair just wondering about her hair it has a certain tone, is that going to be more black? and now that i see you work on the skin, can her skin be a little bit more darker? If that's not too much. Will he still have that slight smirk with the animation? i'll edit this, when he wakes up and tells me his opinion! Thank youuuuu Happy Halloween Edit: He said "I think the way he drew the pupils makes my eyes look thinner, in the original sketch version i liked the eyes perfectly! The eyes changed to a more staring way.. and I hope the background to be a bit more brighter, now it's very darkish'' Thanks!
  9. Suji

    --Eye of the Storm-- Customs: OPEN - 3/5

    Looooks greaaaat! Can't wait to see moreee Sorry I was asleep hahaha
  10. Suji

    --Eye of the Storm-- Customs: OPEN - 3/5

    Omg, we were just talking about you so scary hahahaha still so excited and yesssssss we like it better this way! perfeeeeect
  11. Suji

    --Eye of the Storm-- Customs: OPEN - 3/5

    of course it's okayyyy! Takee your resttt
  12. Suji

    --Eye of the Storm-- Customs: OPEN - 3/5

    ahhhh sorryyyy, i know! just a bit thooo, not like i completely am skin and bones hahhah but we both were like oh wait i dont have that thick of legs and youre more broad ''football player'' build style is what he calls it lmao thank you thooooooo!
  13. Suji

    --Eye of the Storm-- Customs: OPEN - 3/5

    WOOOOOOOW DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH WE LIKE THIS SCREAMINGG! Two minor things we noticed later, im sorry for not mentioning it before can this be less thick http://prntscr.com/lb8k43 im sorry im not that thiccccccc hahahahaha i wish and him a bit more athletic (more broad) if possibleeeeeeeee, i mean its fine the way it is but to portray us more hehe
  14. Suji

    --Eye of the Storm-- Customs: OPEN - 3/5

    Still, we're both stunned at how amazing this looks so far. You are really a talented artist Hope. He said: Amazing. Only change is I'd like kpop albums and games to be on the shelves (if going into detail and giving titles for them all) Normally he's so picky so he really really likes youuuur art. Oh and I see her ear is visible would you mind adding two earrings in that ear something like this for example: xxx Please continue the great workkkk
  15. Suji

    --Eye of the Storm-- Customs: OPEN - 3/5

    OMG! I like this sooooo muchhhh so far, I'll show it to him as well and come back to you soonnnn

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