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  1. On God you're just getting better and better sweetie. Keep up the great work, I hope I can order from you some time again.
  2. Oh my god I still haven't ordered anything from you SOoooOooooN i hope.
  3. all at once to give everyone a fair shot!
  4. Oh what a beauty, i'm broke though.
  5. Wow I'm finally alive and all that when you post something, unfortunately very very broke right now. Goodbyeee my chance. I like this ideaaaaa.
  6. Wow, amazing work all of you! It looks sooo gooodd!
  7. Just like I thought, very gorgeous art again! "It was us", my favourite this time around! Love your couple pieces omg. I'm glad it worked out for you and everyone.
  8. Oh my god he's gorgeous sdjpfgpdjsdpihfpig my "koreaboo" heart help
  9. omg can't believe i missed jenny, so perfect lowkey reminds me of jennie
  10. Hera


    Oh god love the black rose concept, she's prettyyyyy and I love roses aaaah but I just shopped a lot of stuff rip Whoever gets her, I know you will do her even more justice.
  11. Wow Cyberpunk is perfect
  12. Oh I missed following your new shop, but here I am! Gooood luck & great piecesssss as always
  13. Wow I'm almost tempted, but I really should not do this right now! But I want toooooo....
  14. Happy New Years! :kcheeks:


    Thank you all great artists for bringing such quality work to GASR and customers for having passionate, joyous and fierce battles with each other for these masterpieces. 


    I hope you all have a good one, cheers! 

  15. peeping that GOT7 :byes:




    1. Hera


      my favesss! :klovee:

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