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About Ahgase

  • Birthday 06/13/1996

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    I breathe Kpop.
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  1. Ahgase

    Serendipity - 2 -

    Oh god, you have found my weakness, red, roses and black hair If I wasn't broke I would definitely without a doubt get it.
  2. Ahgase

    |✧| Hollow's Tea House |✧| FULL|✧|

  3. Ahgase

    Serendipity - 2 -

    Thank you for accepting dear! proof xoxo
  4. Ahgase

    Serendipity - 2 -

    I'm broke but this is fucking beautiful & my first piece from you.. ♥ Avatar Name: Ahgase ♥ Premade Name: Gates of Sorrow ♥ Text: Rose (text version 1) and Ahgase (text version 2) ♥ Watermark? yes for text version 2 only! ♥ (if yes) Text of watermark: jalisa ♥ Total price: $45 + 2 = $47 I hope I got the pricing right.
  5. Ahgase

    Martinus' pre-premade shop! [2 MERMAIDS UP!]

    Thank you! Money has been sent. xxx
  6. Ahgase

    Martinus' pre-premade shop! [2 MERMAIDS UP!]

    _________________________________________________________________ PREMADE NAME: Echo YOUR NAME: Ahgase (& one with Rose if possible, if it was in your rules that its not im sorry im blind today) PRICE: 47$ + 3$ tip = 50$ cause i like to round things up ______________________________________________________________________ EH I STILL LIKE RHODA A LOT BUT ECHO IS REALLY REALLY COOL MAN. If only I had the money for both..
  7. Ahgase

    REUNIONS vol. 4 [ 0 ]

    Oh my god, he looks great
  8. Ahgase

    Martinus' pre-premade shop! [2 MERMAIDS UP!]

    Rhoda is trying to steal my heart (and money)
  9. @ your poll omg yes give me adoptable boyfriends cause you draw men so well handsome Asians
  10. Ahgase

    🌱 ᴄ ᴀ ᴘ [ nothing up atm ]

    Proof of payment from @Plasticest , please pm her the dp when ready! Thank you very much. Who would have thought the first premade i'd get from you was actually posting for someone else LOL
  11. Ahgase

    🌱 ᴄ ᴀ ᴘ [ nothing up atm ]

    PREMADE NAME: Akila MAIN TEXT: jordan WATERMARK: moulin IS THE PREMADE FOR A FRIEND / ALT : yes, a friend PRICE: $45 for @Plasticest since she can't post yet, she will pay if accepted!
  12. Ahgase

    🌱 ᴄ ᴀ ᴘ [ nothing up atm ]

    ooooo that new wip
  13. Please be patient with Daebak. Once there’s progress on your art it will show on the first page through for example 40% next to your name on the slot list. Art will always be shown through pm once it reaches like 85%, then you can always ask for changes! love from a repeated customer of Daebak
  14. Ahgase

    --The Darkest Season--/ Sold out again.

    the casual gender mistakes on GASR

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