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  1. ⛪✝✙✝ Pet Sematary ✝✙✝⛪ 0

    Ahh city lights is so pretty.. If only it had red instead of purple
  2. WANDERLUST | 12$ | 5/5 | Waitlist OPEN

    omg im so happy you are excited to draw my request! he really issss , thank you for accepting!
  3. WANDERLUST | 12$ | 5/5 | Waitlist OPEN

    Form ♡ OC/Refs: XXX Text: ahgasejalisa / jahgase (2 versions) Extra: if you need me pm me please DP/Half body/Full body: Half body I think. Animation: I'll give you freedom to play with that, I would definitely like animation! Price: 35 USD (giving you some space to work with)
  4. WANDERLUST | 12$ | 5/5 | Waitlist OPEN

    I'll post my form soon, probably tomorrow.
  5. Serendipity - 2 - ANNOUNCEMENT LAST PAGE

    Wowww, gorgeous! Would've gotten it if she had black hair...
  6. WANDERLUST | 12$ | 5/5 | Waitlist OPEN

    Can I have a spot on the waitlist?
  7. ? ᴄ ᴀ ᴘ [ nothing up atm ]

    again no luck. ill just quietly wait for customs, even that is hard to get tho.
  8. Aw, I've been keeping an eye out for you to come back to GASR after being absent for a bit. Sad to read about these things you're currently struggling with, I hope everything works out for you eventually. Take your time with everything, make sure you feel good about yourself and your art again! I hope making premades whenever you feel like it will help you overcome your art block situation. I'm sure everyone has your best interest at heart hun, don't worry.
  9. WANDERLUST | 12$ | 5/5 | Waitlist OPEN

    Wtf this is gorgeous????
  10. 엔시티 OPEN YOUR EYES

    Ah my prince park jinyoung just blessed my eyes thank you. I WASNT READYYYYYYYYYYYY OMG
  11. ► BYUNG ~ slots 2 / 2 ◄ paypal - closed

    @Moan the shop is open hun. It says on the first page. Letting you know in case you want to order. I'm taking another slot and then there's one left. since it's updated to 3 slots! FORM: • ref. pictures: in pm • text: ahgasejalisa / jahgase • extra / details / describe: I trust you as always, pm me anytime
  12. 엔시티 OPEN YOUR EYES

    @Jimin Omg yesssssss, Jimin biased
  13. :cutehehehaaas: Just to keep my art addiction in check. 

    Currently active orders: 




    Recently finished orders: 




  14. closing ✌🏻

    omg, what a beaut.

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