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About Me

Welcome ! ♥️

I'm awkward and cringeworthy and like to draw in my spare time sometimes.

 (But I'd love for it to become all the time someday

When I'm not drawing or studying I'm most likely fangirling :lazelaptop:

I haven't found my art style yet, (or maybe I do have one but just don't realize it)  :lazepeek:

In the past I've occasionally chosen studying over drawing, so I keep forgetting how I draw and color etc. when I try to get back to drawing again... :lluwotm8: 

I hope that you'll help me improve, but also get to like/love my artwork :byaslove:





- Teresa (but you can call me Tessa) ♥️




   Now off you go! To your next profile-visiting-adventure!            :bfstar:

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