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  1. Thank you so much! She’s looks so very devious. I love it!
  2. Loving it! Thank you so much for the beautiful updates
  3. @Mimi Looks amazing! So glad you did the roses for the background. I wanted to mention it but didn’t know if it would be too detailed for an edit. Thank you!
  4. Omggggggggg you have gone above and beyond once again. I love her! Thank you so much. I will definitely be back for more soon All paid up. Put my username as the note. Let me know if you need proof :) Thanks again!
  5. @aeeris No changes, everything looks great. Thanks for the updates!
  6. @aeeris Yeesssssssss! So sassy and pretty already! Keep doing your thing!
  7. @aeeris I’ll leave it up to you! Whatever you think
  8. Howdy! Hope it’s A-Okay to order! Type of commission: Full Color Bust Text: Bewitching References: Hexx Theme: Witchy/Mischevous Background: Purple or Black Extras: info is in reference album
  9. Refs: Din Text: Bewitching Anything else?: Do ya thing Let me know if you need me to upload elsewhere, I'd just taken those as refs so they're still linked via IMVU
  10. Is there a slot open? I'm in need of some Can creations
  11. @Mimi I saw that I was moved from the waitlist so I went ahead and sent payment via PayPal. It said you might have to pay a fee? So I sent a little extra to cover.
  12. ✦Make me some edits✦ ☆Screenshot / OC: Hexx ☆References: all info in link above^ ☆Animation: either glowing eyes or your choice. ☆Background (Ideas): Black roses or Neon Purple (like magic sparks or something?) up to you pretty much. ☆Text: Bewitching ☆Extra: ☆Price: 7.5€
  13. Bewitching

    IRL Photos

    I am beyond ready for some spooky movies y’all. Time for a Harry Potter marathon
  14. I've never thought of that one! Yaaas tbh I've always wanted to see Capsule & Licensing collab. Luxor & Emi would be an interesting one too I feel

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