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    Sins of the Siren || OPEN

    SINS OF THE SIREN CUSTOM ART BY VEITY ____________________________________________________ Hello everyone, Welcome to my new custom shop. It's been a while since I had one. In this shop I will be selling display pictures in semi-realistic style in size 160x220 and 300x412. Please keep in mind that I still practice DPs in 300x412 size so I will be more picky with bigger art orders. 12/10/2018 Name: Justyna Birthday: December 31 Personality type: INFP -T Zodiac: Capricorn Sexuality: Pansexual Location: Poland Languages: Polish and English INFORMATIONS AND FORM INFORMATIONS: Payments are sent through PayPal and I will create an invoice. In order to create an invoice, every buyer should send a PayPal email when ordering or send PM. Each invoice has enabled option to pay more if you want to support me etc. In case of payment for 300x412 size you will get same art in a few cropped DP sizes with texts and animations if they’re included (160x220) which is free. PayPal invoice is the only payment option because is it safe for both of us. Im accepting bribe orders but it will cost 15$+ more. Animations that im doing for now are blink and glow. Click here for form RULES Click here for rules. 160x220 PRICE: 55-80$ (animations included) EXAMPLES 300x412 PRICE: 90-150$ (animations included) EXAMPLES
  2. VEITY

    Sins of the Siren || OPEN

    @Nikki Ok, sure. Take Your time, but please PM me when you will be able to pay for Your custom and I will start asap.
  3. VEITY

    Sins of the Siren || OPEN

    @iiKodiak Accepted Bribe, single DP will cost around 90/95$, please let me know if you're still want bribe option. Thanks
  4. VEITY

    Sins of the Siren || OPEN

    @iiKodiak Done, thanks! @Paralyzer Next @Nikki Soon
  5. VEITY

    Sins of the Siren || OPEN

    Sure, but I do not do every animation, just in case
  6. VEITY

    Sins of the Siren || OPEN

    @waifull Accepted, yes I'll send you wip with shaded body and sketched clothes, acc etc. With info.
  7. VEITY

    Sins of the Siren || OPEN

    @LAPERSE Yes, open. You can see shop status in shop title
  8. VEITY

    strawberry gelatin ・ open 1/2

    Your art is so cute, I really need one!

    Works on future auction art :kkekecreep:

  10. VEITY

    Sins of the Siren || OPEN

    @Spirits @Brooke Both Accepted

    Does anyone have any free IMVU screenies to repaint?

    I would like to do it for fun and see how it will come out.


    1. Arianna
    2. Nikki


      I haven’t updated my screenies in a while, so these are kinda old? But here ya go: click

      Hope that helps? :cutehehehaaas:


    3. iiHarlu


      Here are my newer ones Bloop♥ & my older ones Bloop♥

      Have fun & hope it helps:klove:

  12. VEITY

    Sins of the Siren || OPEN

    @LAPERSE (bribe order) Your DP is done! Hope You like it ♥
  13. VEITY

    Sins of the Siren || OPEN

    @ATHENA PM sent
  14. VEITY

    Sins of the Siren || OPEN

    @ATHENA I think it's too much kb, because of these animated hearts. I can make you one without animation for your IMVU profile and I'll try to keep max 200kb. I have to learn to do better animations, more smooth.
  15. VEITY

    Sins of the Siren || OPEN

    @ATHENA Thank you! (I was sleeping, sorry.)
  16. VEITY

    Sins of the Siren || OPEN

    @ATHENA Your DP is done! Hope you like it Price: 75$ I made this DP faster by mistake (most of the orders I have open in the tabs), I apologize for the people who are waiting for the order.
  17. VEITY

    DP for cel

  18. VEITY

    Sins of the Siren || OPEN

    @Emberly waiting for pm ♥
  19. VEITY

    Sins of the Siren || OPEN

    @cel Your DP is done
  20. Hello everyone


    I came back after Christmas (plus after my birthday). I was wondering about the prices for my art. I came to the conclusion that I would lower the starting price for DPs and the price will increase depending on whether it is a couple/single and how many details it contains. I think it would be fair for everyone, especially for people who usually want a simple DP and do not want to overpay.


    My 160x220 DP cost 65$ - 80$ (but it could get higher [couple/single] details etc.)

    So I think I'll change the starting price to 55$ single DP.






    I want to draw orders so bad, but it's 3am and 24th of December and that means I should go to bed rn, but im not tired.

    I'm confused, idk what to do


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