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  1. VEITY

    Sins of the Siren || OPEN

    @Nikki Ok, sure. Take Your time, but please PM me when you will be able to pay for Your custom and I will start asap.
  2. VEITY

    Sins of the Siren || OPEN

    @iiKodiak Accepted Bribe, single DP will cost around 90/95$, please let me know if you're still want bribe option. Thanks
  3. VEITY

    Sins of the Siren || OPEN

    @iiKodiak Done, thanks! @Paralyzer Next @Nikki Soon
  4. VEITY

    Sins of the Siren || OPEN

    Sure, but I do not do every animation, just in case
  5. VEITY

    Sins of the Siren || OPEN

    @waifull Accepted, yes I'll send you wip with shaded body and sketched clothes, acc etc. With info.
  6. VEITY

    Sins of the Siren || OPEN

    @LAPERSE Yes, open. You can see shop status in shop title
  7. VEITY

    strawberry gelatin ・ open 1/2

    Your art is so cute, I really need one!

    Works on future auction art :kkekecreep:

  9. VEITY

    Sins of the Siren || OPEN

    @Spirits @Brooke Both Accepted

    Does anyone have any free IMVU screenies to repaint?

    I would like to do it for fun and see how it will come out.


    1. Arianna
    2. Nikki


      I haven’t updated my screenies in a while, so these are kinda old? But here ya go: click

      Hope that helps? :cutehehehaaas:


    3. iiHarlu


      Here are my newer ones Bloop♥ & my older ones Bloop♥

      Have fun & hope it helps:klove:

  11. VEITY

    Sins of the Siren || OPEN

    @LAPERSE (bribe order) Your DP is done! Hope You like it ♥
  12. VEITY

    Sins of the Siren || OPEN

    @ATHENA PM sent

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