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  1. Finally, I received my new graphic tablet, I'm happpy


  2. Hello, GIVEAWAY

    I want to let everyone know that I'm coming back to drawing soon. All this week I tried to repair my old tablet and my laptop drive. Unfortunately, the tablet is no longer usable, but I fixed my laptop. Fortunately, yesterday I bought a new Huion graphics tablet. I am waiting for it to be delivered to me and I am coming back to doing your orders!



    I wanted to say that I'm doing a Christmas giveaway. 

    If you want to join giveaway, just leave reaction GIVEAWAY TOKEN under this post.

    You can won:

    100k IMVU credits or custom, single DP (160x220) made by me.



    If you won and you'll pick 100k credits, please make sure if You have at least one product in Your shop that I can buy from You for this price, in case if I will have credits limit, thanks!



    The winner will be announced on December 20 and this person will be randomly selected.

    Good luck!



     @Emberly @Taehyung 

    I want to let you know that your orders are being made. 

  3. VEITY

    Sins of the Siren || OPEN

    @Cauliflower @LAPERSE Both accepted
  4. Hi everyone ♥


    My last two weeks were mentally difficult for me, more than before. 

    I am currently trying to get back on gasr and finish all orders. So please be patient.

    I hope that I will make all the orders and I will be able to make a IMVU credits giveaway for you and Christmas premades. When it comes to giveaway I still don't have any ideas how to do this, if you have some suggestions, let me know ♥



    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Crima
    3. Lunna


      Feel better soon! <3

    4. Kneck


      Hope you’re feeling better soon. I know how you feel, hopefully drawing something helps you! :walove:

  5. anxiety is killing me rn 


    depression said Hi gurl

  6. VEITY

    Sins of the Siren || OPEN

    Hello @LAPERSE You can see my price on page one it's 65-80$ (anim. included), thanks!
  7. VEITY

    Sins of the Siren || OPEN

    @10c I'll be grateful if you send me private message when you will be on Your computer. I will need refs and some informations and what ideas do you have. Your comment did not tell me too much, what do you exactly want. Thanks!
  8. VEITY

    Sins of the Siren || OPEN

    @xMLBx Thank You so much
  9. Can't stop listening this :alienunce:

  10. I was sick this week, finally I feel better.

    I can finish your orders guys



  11. VEITY

    Sins of the Siren || OPEN

    @Paralyzer Accepted
  12. VEITY

    Sins of the Siren || OPEN

    I'm opening a one exclusive new slot for single small DP for credits. Price: 200k TAKEN
  13. Hello, I noticed that I have more followers here than at my new custom shop. So i want to let You know guys that I made a custom shop. If someone is interested click down below I want to mention that I still have plans for premade shop and I have some ideas, but first I need to focus on the development of the custom one. Thanks!
  14. Hello everyone!

    As you may noticed, there is Halloween auction!



    Go, check out wonderful pieces that artist created for you guys.

    As you probably guess, I also did one, little premade too. 






    Have fun! 


  15. I started my day at 4pm, I do not recommend it.


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