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  1. Ooooo I am loving it 😍 is there anyway you can add some chains? And maybe make the text just Voo? Other than that everything is perfect 😍
  2. Yaaayuuss πŸ’– Can't wait
  3. Is there any way you could just make the one with green hair skin just a little bit lighter? Other than that everything is perfect❀
  4. Textο»Ώ: Voodeux Number: 1
  5. Im SO EXCITED! <3 I have wanted artwork from you for a while now!
  6. I’D LIKE A: RENDERED DP References: xxx Background: (Color, Theme) Basic Inspo included with the link, Just something grungy, red, with chains πŸ–€ Pose idea: Pose can be up to you, Just anything with the knife Expression: Something kinda bitchy/ mischievous, Have her blink, blood drip off the knife, & smirk Text: Voo Watermark: Voodeux Price:ο»Ώ $55
  7. we are not alone. | we are not alone. | we are not alone. | we are not alo LARGE OR DP SIZE?: DP Size TEXT: Voo & Xyri REFERENCES: Stash ANIMATION CHOICE: Have Voo wink & Xyri smirk EXTRAS: Everything is in the Stash πŸ–€ TOTAL: ο»Ώ Just lemme know πŸ–€
  8. Voodeux


    Form: Oc/Refs: Swamp Queen Name: Voodeux Watermark: Voodeux Details/Extras: All Details are included in the link <3 If you decide to draw her just have fun & feel to get as creative as possible!
  9. Hi, I'm back πŸ’• Premadeο»Ώ #:138 Text: Voodeux Extra: Change her hair color to a light grey almost sliver & give her light green/grey eyes Email:ο»Ώ voodeuxx@gmail.com

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