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    Such a cute little quackson <3
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A B O U T S U P P O R T polkdots.pngpolkdots.pngpolkdots.pngpolkdots.pngpolkdots.pngpolkdots2.pngpolkdots2.png

Jalyn | 19 | Leo



  • Wolves,
  • Lion & Tigers
  • Spirited Away
  • Tom Holland.



  • Games,
  • Watching fact/top 10 videos
  • Listening to music.


Give @Pains some support over at her screen shop,tip her when you do get

screens from her if you can:byaslove:



P E R S O N A // A S S O C I A T E D . M O R E  A B O U T  M E

If anyone found this drawing/art familiar and think I stole the artwork and claimed it as mine.Then I will tell you that I got this from the owner of this adopt/OC.We made a trade.


Done by @PeculiarDork

  • I am obsessed with art but I am not good at art.(I especially love adopts)
  • I am a cheap person.You will mostly see me lurking in free shops or rarely shops that accept credits.
  • anti-social irl but social online.
  • Only have small groups of friends but rather have loyal friends then fake friends.
  • I love many kinds of music from Pop/Rock and even soundtracks from a few games.
  • Wishes to meet Tom Holland.
  • Graphic Design.
  • Pokemon.
  • I love Thai food.
  • I also love good food cause who doesn't.
  • Impulsive
  • Clumsy
  • Hates liars and backstabbers.
  • Hates negative/bad people.
 ? ? ?

Sorry for the spam of things about me,I am kinda clueless of what else to fill in there,no I do not love myself.It's just a way to take up space.Give me some idea then maybe I could change it.




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