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  1. ahh sorry i havent seen these ;; @Finn nuu i dont!! i just work on these whenever someone invites me haha (actually , that depends whos the person too and about pink haired bois, ill note that down - so me and @Mercy have made some more premades !! and we plain to make more of these, later and im working on two more premades myself, theyre turning out really adorable im focused on making badges now so unfortunately i havent made any DP yet, im sorry for these who are waiting or wanting some ;;
  2. ❥ Boba Tea ❥ (Open) 2/3 ❥

    ahh good luck with your shop !!! your doodles are so adorable
  3. mhmmmm probably!! so today ive worked on this premade with @Mercy but unfortunately its already sold ;; but we're soon gonna work on some more !!
  4. you guys are cute - 2 premade badges were added~!
  5. ☆ Peach Milk ☆

    ahh your pixels are so adorbs~!!! good luck with your shop mon amie!!
  6. gasp i havent been notified about it @ticklishy you may send the pahyment! thank you so much aa
  7. ofc there it is, take care of him ok ;;;;;; @TIN OFC. ILL LOVE SEEING HIM BEING DRAWN BY OTHER PPL BTW @Max thank you aaa
  8. @Yimu excUSE ME MY PIXELS ARE MANLY AF OK JUST SAIYNG @Tin merci!!!! is the text ok like this? im not sure
  9. i wasnt expecting these bbys to get a home like so early adsfdgfhgdofkgsd you guys are so amazing i am adding the texts rn @WINDOS THANK U MON AMI
  10. gasp that was fast af???????????????????????????? THANK YOU *lowkey pats yimu*
  11. ✨☆*:.。 STARRY PIXELS 。.:*☆✨ Hi hello welcome to my pixel premade shop ~! Pixel art has always been my passion; It was the very first drawing style ive learn to do digitally, ive been in love with it since then. And thats why im opening this shop ; to improve my px art style even more so this shop will be mostly focused on it !! What you can get in this shop: pixel display pictures | pixel badges ✨ PAYMENT INFO ✨ EMAIL: pikochuu@hellokitty.com ☆ RULES | NOTES ☆ All payments must be sent in USD ☆ I wont do holds so please dont order if you dont have money ☆ You must pay the premade in 48 hours. ☆ You ARE allowed to adopt the DP/badge character as an OC, as long as you credit me for the design ☆ I WONT do any kind of changes so dont order if you’re about to change your username or something like that ☆ header pixel art (c) Elouai | divider (c) StarryWaves DISPLAY PICTURES ☆ premade #1 - sweetheart! - SOLD TO TICKLISHY - premade #2 - gatito rabioso? - SOLD TO YIMU - premade #3 - steve. - SOLD TO TIN - ☆ FORM PREVIOUSLY SOLD ☆ ✨PREMADE NAME: ✨TEXT: ✨PRICE PIXEL BADGES ☆ ☆ SPACE BAE I ☆ price: 16 USD (comes with animated version) ☆ STAR CHILD ☆ price: 24 USD half to me and half to @.Mercy ☆ MOON PRINCESS ☆ price: 24 USD half to me and half to @.Mercy FORM PREVIOUSLY SOLD ✨PREMADE NAME: ✨PRICE: ☆ THANK YOU FOR VISITING ! ☆
  12. @Ayumi ok i just finished it i hope you like it and sorry for taking so long, again!!
  13. {harajuku gals} no more posts pls

    draw me like one of your french girls OC/REFs: konichiwa TEXT: kou POSE: anything is fine bby EXTRA: me ✨
  14. Need a topic locked or deleted?

    please delete this!

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