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  1. Kou

    [2018] LGBTQ+ Drawing Event

    here's my entry~ ive made this doodle of my persona and his fishes celebrating the asexual pride woot !! the ace flag is so boring but at least it has my second fave color on it!! so i had fun
  2. Kou

    [2018] LGBTQ+ Pride Event

    @jared im so proud of u a a ;;; your dad is so sweet too i hope someday your mom will understand u!!!!!!!!! and she will ok
  3. Kou

    [2018] LGBTQ+ Pride Event

    i just smiled so much when i saw this new theme for the forum c8 these events are so lovely;; happy pride month!! and stay safe please
  5. thank you for the oportunity! i was already wanting to join mermay and this event motivated me 🐬 reference used: link
  6. Kou

    👑Taj’s Custom DP's | 1/2

    ahhh yess thank you soooo much im in love ;;;; you did soooooo good!!!! i just sent the payment !!
  7. Kou

    👑Taj’s Custom DP's | 1/2

    ahh yesss im loving it !!!! but can you make the turtleneck black instead? like the hair! and can you remove these sweater details? like make it plainn
  8. Kou

    👑Taj’s Custom DP's | 1/2

    yay!! thank you so much ;;;;
  9. Kou

    👑Taj’s Custom DP's | 1/2

    yay ♡COUPLE OR SINGLE: single! ♡ANIMATION?: blink and make the kois move if possible? also id love it to glow too! ♡GENDER: male ♡REFS: OC ♡OUTFIT: a kimono like one of these over a turtleneck sweater. make the kimono red and you can do the pattern as you want ♡TEXT: Kou ♡TOTAL: 18(standard price) +3(blink) +2(glow) +3(moving thing) i guess?
  10. Kou

    👑Taj’s Custom DP's | 1/2

    is this open now
  11. Kou

    IRL Photos

    ur gorgeous af ok
  12. claim. i feel like redrawing this, can i o @Xilatr its perfectly fine bbu, just take your time! no rush!

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