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  1. Elliern

    Glitched [1/5]

    Style: 2, (Bust, DP) Type: Single Reference / Oc: Here keeping everything that's on her Expression: a close smile, and seductive look in her eyes Pose: Here Animation: blink, smile, and her eyes turning black Text or watermark: Ellie (watermark Elliern) Background: A snowy forest Extra: None
  2. Elliern

    Glitched [1/5]

    Will most defiantly be back to order from you! Your art is amazing
  3. Elliern

    ☽ Devil Side ☾ SLOTS CLOSED ✰

    @Lunna thank you so much<3 and sorry if the proof of payment is a bit weird, doing it from my phone
  4. Elliern

    ☽ Devil Side ☾ SLOTS CLOSED ✰

    @Lunna omg I love it! It looks sooooo good
  5. Elliern

    ☽ Devil Side ☾ SLOTS CLOSED ✰

    Screenshots: No hair. Hair. Description (include refs): Can she keep the accessories and tattoos that are on her please, and the hair style to be the same but to have a white streak going down it, and can she have her hand going up to her face like The one on the bottom right. with her eyes looking the same way with a sky blue color please. and a blinking animation would look amazing. c: Background Colors: maybe a white/black background? Or whatever you think would look best. Text: Ellie Watermark (yes/no): Yes (If yes) Watermark text: Elliern Any extra animations?: No Final price: Let me know.^^

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