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  1. @FoxGod Welcome back you beautiful beast! Glad to see you are alive and kicking. Hope the move went well, also hope someone grabs up this deal...its hella cheap owo
  2. Xarasite

    ♦◊◦ s o l a c e ◦◊♦ - [3] 2 NEW

    @Kamlin Proof deary
  3. Xarasite

    ♦◊◦ s o l a c e ◦◊♦ - [3] 2 NEW

    DP name: Couple 1 Visible text: Xarasite (female) Nekro (male) Watermark text: Xarasite Nekro Text #: What ever you think is best deary. Any changes/information: NA Overall price: $20
  4. Xarasite

    ☠ Ritual ☠ (1)

    PREMADE NAME: Humbug CoupleTEXT/NAME ON PREMADE: Will pm if accepted CHANGES/ANIMATION:(Optional, Charges apply)TOTAL PRICE: $56
  5. Premade: Mary Changes: How the hell is this not claimed yet <__> or am I blind. Watermark: Xarasite Text: Xarasite Price: 12
  6. @Deth Proof deary. Lols sorry I have an addiction to that color scheme of yours Le Click
  7. Xarasite

    ☠ Ritual ☠ (1)

    Feel better soon deary. rest and health always always come first.
  8. His imvu name..Hopenomsdino whatever -waddles away to not spam thread- xD
  9. The dino king is everywhere I figured it was his by the line work
  10. @Saemin Pfttt your dp is blinding everything with its beauty lol
  11. [size=10] Premade: Dream Changes: Black lips, silver hair Le Click <---Like this again deary Watermark: Xarasite Text: Xarasite Price:$19[/size]
  12. Xarasite

    ☠ Ritual ☠ (1)

    Seriously wish you would do customs again. Sorry to ask but would you ever consider a bride to do a piece ;c
  13. Xarasite

    ☠ Ritual ☠ (1)

    Glad to see your artwork is becoming so popular >.<' well overdue to be honest. Its been amazing to see how you grow in your work in such a short period of time. You can clearly see it is a passion of yours. I cant wait until you open back up your customs.

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