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Ayumi | formerly Keithia 


Ayumi | 23 | Pisces image

Zen by p-uppi


 You can call me Ayumi / Ayu / Yumi, either is fine. ♥

(Hotarubi is just my IMVU username, i understand it's a bit confusing)


I do digital art when i can. I try to do different styles like semi-realism,

anime and pixel art. Not an expert but i have fun arting so if you'd like,

feel free to check out my samples and shops ! ♥




About Me


I enjoy listening to music, watching shows and anime.


I'm not too quiet once you get to know me, i just don't really talk a lot at first, that's all. I'm quite friendly and open minded.


I love animals, art, tattoos, music, tv shows, anime, manga, kdramas.


| taken by someone rly cute| 




Here's a song i'm currently loving 





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