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  1. SkyFall

    Need examples and practice [FULL]

    @Sqits yea that's a plus I guess
  2. SkyFall

    Need examples and practice [FULL]

    @Zhonle glad you like it sweetie I'll have it ready for you tomorrow and sorry for the delay
  3. SkyFall

    Need examples and practice [FULL]

    @Zhonle I finished your order hun.. Well almost I just noticed that I didn't do the lips but that was after I uploaded it I promise I will fix that tomorrow as soon as possible I'm just really tired now and having a terrible headache so I'm off to bed. But anyways I will post the one I uploaded as a peak so you can let me know if you want me to fix or add anything.. Other than the lips ofc @Sqits honestly I'm obsessed with PS games since I spent most of my childhood playing that but as for lately the only way I can play games is through my laptop @TheElf thank you so much for the sweet compliment
  4. SkyFall

    Need examples and practice [FULL]

    @Sqits you're always welcome sweetie ! I'm really glad you liked it @Zhonle I started working on your order hun I made a rough sketch of how I want it to look like but now I'm off to bed so I will be posting it tomorrow. I'm going for the gamer girl since I'm a gamer myself
  5. SkyFall

    Need examples and practice [FULL]

    @Sqits I finished your order I felt like doing anime style since I'm trying to improve this style a bit but feel free to order again if you would like semi-realistic style and don't hesitate to let me know if you would like me tofix or add anything
  6. SkyFall

    Need examples and practice [FULL]

    @Hiroki yea I got that but still I adore anything that is Hisoka-related And thank you everyone for your orders I will do my best to do them all Note: requests are on hold until I finish all 9 orders that have been posted
  7. SkyFall

    Need examples and practice [FULL]

    @Hiroki omg Hisokaaaaaa He is my obsession !!!!! I'm not great with males they always tens to look kinda girly but I'm so doing it !!!
  8. SkyFall

    Need examples and practice [FULL]

    @Sqits oh wow my very first order @Zhonle thank youuu for your order Thank you very much for your help ! You both are so sweet
  9. SkyFall

    Need examples and practice [FULL]

    Hello everyone My name is Sky and I'm new here, so I'm hoping you could help me by making requests here so I can have some good examples to show if I decide to open a shop and I could use some practice as well. But please bear with me and don't rush me I promise I won't make you wait for too long Rules: Just be nice and please follow GASR rules And please don't resell my work or claim it as your own because that's not nice In order for things not to get overwhelming I will take 3 orders at a time so please take note of the available slots and wait for an open slot before you post your order. Orders will be first come first serve. Slots: 1- Zhonle 2- Theelf 3- Hiroki Final notes: - I don't mind doing fanart I'm an anime addict - I will be providing sketches both B/W and colored but I won't provide textless versions so please don't ask for them. - The artwork will be mainly DP sized but if I feel really inspired I might do a bigger artwork but that really depends on how I feel at the time so please don't be upset if someone gets a bigger artwork and you don't it's not personal Hope you all enjoy the artwork you'll receive
  10. SkyFall


    wow! This is super cute

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