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    Pack 1

    Pack 2


    They both come with 10 total of screenies. They're also AP.

    So, if interested show me proof you have AP on IMVU incase you're not verified here. 

  2. FREEE


    Just because I am giving these away for free. 


    Both screenies come with 11 total of screenies; hair and bald included.

    *hiresnobg and taken in a shadowless room.


    They also come with marionette strings that you can add for art. Like a template or add on.


    Message me or comment below if interested. C: 


    Credits to the marionette string makers: rinpinkrin & xDarkFelinax @ IMVU 



  3. until

  4. New DP ♥♥♥♥♥ Made by DramiraPallas@IMVU

  5. Daily Quote for the souls. :blove:


    "People will always talk behind your back. Make sure to give them an interesting topic."

  6. dec8ed09e99408ebf4b96bb21daa6af2.gif


    When you don't want to hear people's vent. 

  7. Your DP is gorgeous! :bfblushhee:

    1. Jamie


      Thank you so much love <3

    2. Lussuria


      You're welcome! :byaslove:

  8. Hello there pretty lady. 

    Been here often? :byaslove:



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    2. Lussuria


      Nice to meet you too, Mary. :hee::hee:

      I am good and you? :bfblushhee:

    3. Reaper


      I swear I don't get notifications when people reply, I must've messed with something. @Lussuria:bfpervy: I'm great! Ty! Even if it was a late reply, LOL. 

    4. Lussuria


      LOL no problem! That's good. :byaslove::lldance:

  9. Lussuria


    - Attempts to blow the stress cloud away -

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