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    So beautiful :phearteyes:

    Thank you @Bell_Air for this beautiful art piece! Everything about the piece is absolutely stunning!

    Thank you so much!!





    I highly recommend this amazing artist! She's very open to all suggestions aswell as offer her own! 

    She is also the sweetest and the most understanding. :lazeblush:







    1. Bell_Air


      ;u; I'm going to cry, how nice of you, thank you very much

  2. m o o n p r i s m Reference Images or Description: Reagan - Clothing (Colors can be Silver, Gold, Red, and Ivory) - Hairstyle/Hair Color: Black/Style: Up to you! Theme: Fantasy/Regal/Desert/Arabian/Indian Style: Anime / Semi-Realism: Semi-Realism Pose Reference (Optional): Your choice! Text? (1): Rea Watermark (Optional): N/A Add-Ons (Optional): Blinking Animation ($1) , Soft Sparkles ($1) Extra Information: If possible, can you add a head dupatta? The Jewelry, I'll leave that up to you! I'd love for her to have a nose chain and a tika/headress for sure but whatever works best, and will look good! Total: $35 Music for inspiration
  3. I'll be back! I'll place an order once out of work. (I'll re-edit if that's okay) ❤ -- TYPE OF COMMISSION: ( sketch in greyscale , monocrome or color /fullcolor ) Bust - Full Color REFERENCES OF THE CHARACTER / ES: Rea/Reagan DESCRIPTIVE TEXT: (be as detailed as possible with the expression, specific desired pose, details, etc.) Pose ideas: With Lion x | x ----- Holding Alssaeat (Hourglass) x | x - x (Replace skull for the Hourglass) - Hourglass (Just replace dragons for scorpions) - Scorpion & Color ---- Simple x | x | x --- More Here Expression: Something like this? Whatever works best. Clothing & Accessories Reference (Colors: Silver, Ivory, Red or Gold Colors only) (For sure i'd like a Head Dupatta and Jewelry (Headdress/Tika/Bindi - Nose chain - etc) | Hairstyle References TOTAL PRICE: It depends on which idea you like most; $50-$75 EMAIL TO BE DELIVERED : DO YOU WANT YOUR WIPS PRIVATE OR PUBLIC?: Private EXTRAS: Sand/Desert Background if possible, or whatever works best/easier for you.


    Pack 1

    Pack 2


    They both come with 10 total of screenies. They're also AP.

    So, if interested show me proof you have AP on IMVU incase you're not verified here. 

  5. FREEE


    Just because I am giving these away for free. 


    Both screenies come with 11 total of screenies; hair and bald included.

    *hiresnobg and taken in a shadowless room.


    They also come with marionette strings that you can add for art. Like a template or add on.


    Message me or comment below if interested. C: 


    Credits to the marionette string makers: rinpinkrin & xDarkFelinax @ IMVU 



  6. until

  7. New DP ♥♥♥♥♥ Made by [email protected]

  8. Daily Quote for the souls. :blove:


    "People will always talk behind your back. Make sure to give them an interesting topic."

  9. dec8ed09e99408ebf4b96bb21daa6af2.gif


    When you don't want to hear people's vent. 

  10. Your DP is gorgeous! :bfblushhee:

    1. Jamie


      Thank you so much love <3

    2. Lussuria


      You're welcome! :byaslove:

  11. Hello there pretty lady. 

    Been here often? :byaslove:



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    2. Lussuria


      Nice to meet you too, Mary. :hee::hee:

      I am good and you? :bfblushhee:

    3. Reaper


      I swear I don't get notifications when people reply, I must've messed with something. @Lussuria:bfpervy: I'm great! Ty! Even if it was a late reply, LOL. 

    4. Lussuria


      LOL no problem! That's good. :byaslove::lldance:

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