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  1. T E L O S {8} [NEW] chibi wip to claim

    little adoptable wip
  2. Work In Progress

    never followed through with finishing an adoptable base but here i go again
  3. T E L O S {8} [NEW] chibi wip to claim

    @Zkyan you have 3 stars nao ;^) gettin' up there also NEWWWWW I was determined to get something out for vday, better late than never ig????
  4. T E L O S {8} [NEW] chibi wip to claim

    @Zkyan If all this is to your liking I'll start editing the animation c:
  5. T E L O S {8} [NEW] chibi wip to claim

    @Zkyan thanks so much for being my first post-hiatus customer! let me know how this looks~ I love the palette you chose *^* also as for extra $, it's not necessary for the color changes- although changing the animation to match might be a pain so if you want to throw a tip my way I'll leave it up to you hehe you can send payment when you're ready~
  6. f a u n a | PYP $3+ | UPDATED [0/2]

    Thanks so much! It was my first time trying the expression and it was so much fun haha
  7. T E L O S {8} [NEW] chibi wip to claim

    d u d glitches r spooky I thought I was suspended for nothing
  8. f a u n a | PYP $3+ | UPDATED [0/2]

    @Flix Thanks for letting me know! I was aware of the rule, just hadn't changed my code since returning from my hiatus. just adjusted it
  9. I've missed u too! I rly needed the hiatus tho (also my laptop broke while I was taking my break so it got extended b/c of that smh)
  10. Work In Progress

    a new dp for myself underway, my fav oc, gonna take my sweet time with this
  11. /dusts topic with cloud blessings and hugs/
  12. T E L O S {8} [NEW] chibi wip to claim

    Double thanks to you!! I worked suuuper hard on her & I still am haha
  13. T E L O S {8} [NEW] chibi wip to claim

    a hiatus did me and my style+improvement well honestly, thank you!
  14. T E L O S {8} [NEW] chibi wip to claim

    I saw when my old custom topic got revived!! Hi dear! Hope you're well :D
  15. *insert imaginary pretty welcome banner* R U L E S / T H I N G S T O K N O W - All sales are final - To ensure your DP isn't used by anyone else, your IMVU name must be on the watermark for at least one version. I will include a 2nd version with text of your choice for free. - Claimable WIP premades can usually (unless specified NO CHANGES) be changed while still being worked on and after completion. Changes are FREE for claimed WIPs. - Unless otherwise specified, most premades can be changed. If labelled "no changes", it's likely I cannot edit the file & changes are not possible. - Please let me know what your favorite food is in your form! - Additional versions of text/name change: .75 for a single dp; .50 per DP for multiple. - Please be prepared to send payment to http://paypal.me/ivyxus once your form is approved. Remember to check "no address needed"! Don't be afraid to ask any additional questions you may have! A N I M A T I O N / A D D - O N S / C H A N G E S Floating background/foreground: $2 Animals: $2-5+ (depending on size/detail) Blink - 2.00 Wink - 1.00 Shimmering eyes - .50 Glow effect (eyes/items) - $0.50 per item Color changes - .50 for 2 items, extra .50 per additional item (if you'd like something else, just ask me and I'll provide a price!) A V A I L A B L E (*) - please keep in mind I am a full-time student with a lot of homework. completion times for WIPs may vary as a result. sneak peek 033 - AVAILABLE - claimable wip pick 2 animations + colors - free changes 12 USD 032 - AVAILABLE - changes possible 13 USD 031 - AVAILABLE - no changes possible 25 USD 029 - claimable wip - chibi couple - AVAILABLE pick 3 animations - changes free 15 USD 028 - AVAILABLE 15 USD 027 - AVAILABLE 20 USD 008 - AVAILABLE - no changes 9 USD P R E V. S O L D (2 0 1 7) F O R M Premade name: Did you read the rules? Text: Watermark text:(one version must include IMVU name, see rules) Would you like me to grant you my free support badge? (if you'd like changes to be made, specify here): Future theme suggestions (optional): Total price: S U P P O R T T H I S S H O P R E W A R D S Each customer receives a ✧ for every premade/custom they purchase. Bribes/large orders are worth ✧✧ ✧✧ = 25% off a custom order ✧✧✧ = 50% off a custom order ✧✧✧✧ = 75% off a custom order ✧✧✧✧✧ = free half-body, bust or avi edit ✧✧✧✧✧✧+ - freebie in style of your choice *if you've changed your name, let me know so I can change it on the list! I also had to reconstruct this from memory/old code so please let me know if I've missed you! Mai - ✧ XShiroXP - ✧ Poo - ✧ Jasslyyn - ✧✧ Agnostic - ✧ Hera - ✧✧ Blackwavebutterfly - ✧✧✧ Trifling - ✧ iTrap - ✧✧ Guldies - ✧ Ryry - ✧ Vitriols - ✧ Bioshock - ✧ Quack - ✧ Illicitx - ✧ Zkyan - ✧✧✧ Lunna - ✧ LyricallyPink - ✧ Lydi - ✧

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