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About Me


(Lio)na | 20 | INFP | aquarius | vegan


♥ literally all animals
♥ fruits & veggies
♥ mountains/forests
♥ helping/being useful

♥ glitter & shiny things

♥ plants (flowers, aloe, trees, etc)

♥ fresh air/outdoors

♥ the sun

♥ yoga


in short: lack of authenticity from other people.
negative energy and those who choose to feed into it.
much stress can be avoided in life if one simply doesn't
attach variations of"good" and "bad" to things and moves past things that do not enrich one's experience.





  • I have a variety of nicknames (Cloud, Xin, Wren, Kat, Rin, etc..) the point is, anything other than my real name works. Recently I prefer Liona (Lio for short).
  • I am a full-time college student studying for a bachelor's in Philosophy.
  • I've been doodling since I was around 3 years old, but I started taking art seriously around 2012 when I received my first tablet. Art has been my passion ever since.
  • I'm a giant dork of a vegan and I get super excited about other people's pets and seeing animals in general. I can pass by the same field of cows 3x a day and I'll still scream "COWS!!!!" everytime.
  • I love travelling: absorbing the novel sights and natural beauty, meeting different people, experiencing different cultures.
  • Curious to know more/just need someone to talk to? Don't be afraid to PM me! I may not have the most social prowess but I love to meet new people.




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