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  1. Lineara

    A new start

    Jess!!!!! Welcome back
  2. New clam your wip up colors can be chosen, hair style could be changed & accessories can be added Sunny Days | $45
  3. Lineara

    Spaced Out

    Sold to Booped
  4. Lineara

    Little Red

    Sold to Jungkook
  5. Will be pm'ing the png and DP versions in just a minute. @booped @Jungkook
  6. I love this time of year on GASR. It's so nice to see all the support and colors around the site.
  7. @booped All I need to do are some final touch ups and animate it for you :) @Jungkook I need to add some small details and background stuff still and after that it's ready to animate @Hiroki Yours will be started within the next few days
  8. @booped Almost done! If you'd like any changes on anything so far let me know :)
  9. @Sheeply THANK YOUUUU @Hiroki you can send the pm! @Jungkook I'm glad you do!
  10. @TawdryHepburn Glad to see you around! @Jungkook @boopedwips for the both of you!
  11. Still got this one up for grabs! Destroyer | $40 I can change the hairstyle and add in accessories or possible other changes (we can discuss it!) if anyone is interested
  12. Got a couple claimable WIPs up if anyone is interested :fingerguns:

    batch1_2ex.png batch1ex.png


    check them out in my shop!

  13. New claim your wips up! Little Red | $45 - Will have a blood drip animation. Spaced Out | $45 - Tail can be removed if not wanted. Destroyer | $40
  14. @Sheeply @Hiroki @Crima @Nikki @Shibis Thank you for the ideas!! I definitely like a bunch of those and will definitely be trying some out. I actually have some ideas already
  15. After this week I'll hopefully be able to start making more premades again since I'll be done with my thesis Is there anything you guys would like to see in a batch of premades (ideas and theme-wise)? Also with a batch would you prefer just a DP size or some larger art?
  16. Just one more week of cramming to finish my thesis for college and I'm free. I can't wait


  17. Hey guys! I had made this for the spring auction but it wasn't sold. I'm hoping someone will like her enough to pick her up because I absolutely loved making this Please click on it to view the full size to see the details! It will come with DP crops as well. Selene | $70
  18. That piece came out super nice Taylor ! I loved how the flowers came out when I first saw it.
  19. @TawdryHepburn Invoice sent! & Sure I can!

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