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  1. Lineara

    Ocεαи Đяɨvє

    Had to order a new tablet since my other one crapped out Hoping it comes within the next couple of days so I can continue working on a premade.
  2. Lineara

    ‹ All Night › [1/4]

    I'm glad you like it!
  3. Lineara

    ‹ All Night › [1/4]

    @Lishie Here you go! I hope the hair color turned out okay
  4. Lineara

    ‹ All Night › [1/4]

    @starlites Adding you to the slots! @Lishie I'll be finishing up your order today!
  5. Lineara

    ‹ All Night › [1/4]

    @Lishie Of course that's fine! Are the updated colors in your refs? If not what were the changes? Also invoice was sent!
  6. Lineara

    ‹ All Night › [1/4]

    @Lishie If this sketch looks okay I'll start coloring it and send the invoice over to you! I just need your paypal email
  7. Anyone got any color ideas/schemes for this? Specifically the dress or hair :psobbing:



    Might keep the hair this purple color but I'm still not sure about the dresssssssss

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Bedlam


      I actually really like the purple hair and white dress ahahaha.

      With some gold accents? ;) 



    3. Lineara


      @Bedlami was thinking gold accents too! Lol. I think I might keep the purple hair cause I've never actually done that tone of purple before and I actually like it. :pthinking:


      HMMM I'll play around with the dress colors!

    4. Bedlam


      @Lineara - I think a light colour like teal would be nice. Or you could just have it a different shade of purple aha. A dark plum would be nice too. Goodluck!! 

  8. Lineara

    ‹ All Night › [1/4]

    @Bedlam Thanks Tino!! I really feel 2018 was a big improvement year alone. Before that the past 2-4 years I felt like I was getting no where with my art. LOL
  9. Lineara

    Ocεαи Đяɨvє

    @Sheeply lol thank you!!! got a bit of an update, not sure about the colors yet LOL also going to be posting a couple premade in the next few days
  10. One of my goals this year is to keep up with my Instagram account and remember to actually post my art there. LOL

    If anyone would like to follow it would be much appreciated :blove:


    1. Kita



    2. Lineara
    3. Kita




  11. Lineara

    Ocεαи Đяɨvє

    Possible sketch wip for an auction!
  12. Lineara

    Work In Progress

    Not sure where I'm going with this yet, but LOL
  13. Lineara


    Secret Santa piece for PeculiarDork
  14. Lineara

    ‹ All Night › [1/4]

    @Lishie Will be working on your order this week!
  15. Lineara

    ‹ All Night › [1/4]

    @Elliern Thank you! So glad you like it! I'll fix the BG of the DP up for you when I get home from work @Wrath can't wait

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