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  1. Got a couple things started, hopefully will be able to get them up in the next week or so
  2. GASR Username: Lineara Social Media Account(s): https://www.instagram.com/_lineara_/ Art to be featured: xxx Any specific instructions or text you wish to be included? (Do not use first person, and do not write essays. Keep it short and simple!) Digital artist who loves to draw fantasy-themed art.
  3. Finally finished this piece up!
  4. Lineara


    Commission for @Sheeply I literally loved doing this character so much
  5. bumping this hoping to get started on some more premades soon once I finish a custom piece
  6. Version 1.0.0


    This hair pack comes with 4 different styles, each with a colored and greyscale version. They are drawn on a larger scale so you can resize it to what you need! (*Note that if you scale it larger it will lose its quality and will blur.) The download is a .psd file that includes each hair. Credit is not necessary but definitely appreciated! However, you cannot claim them as your own. Feel free to edit each hair to your liking! Once purchased, you may use these however you like. If you have any questions feel free to message me


  7. do you remember this little gem? :kkekecreep:

     photo poisionousaugust2010.png

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    2. Bedlam


      I honestly don’t even have that picture on my computer because I made it on a laptop that died and I lost all the files (rip). </3 


      I feel like I must have gotten a custom art from you at some point?!? (I cannot remember). If not I’ll have to rectify it someday :ey:

    3. Lineara


      It's fun going back on that old Photobucket account cause all the stuff on that account I definitely don't have on my PC so I forget about it all LOL.


      I honestly don't remember ever making art for you. But I could be wrong :bare:

    4. Bedlam


      @Lineara - i’ll check when i’m back in Canada I have like 95% off all stuff ever made for me haha

  8. @Hiroki you can pm the email, I'll send the invoice once I get on my PC later today :)
  9. @Hiroki okay I checked and still have basically everything on layers so I can do all 3 changes you listed
  10. Lineara

    Yin & Yang

    @Mya Thanks so much love!
  11. Eyes and hair can definitely be. I have to double check if I have it saved in layers for skin though so I'll check when I get home from work :) @Hiroki
  12. @Hiroki what kind of changes you looking for? Depends on the changes

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