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  1. Does anyone here play Pokemon Go that would like to add me? I need a new buddy for a quest LOL


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    2. Lineara
    3. Wrath


      I tried to add and it’s giving me an error so here’s my code 8767 1868 0877

    4. Lineara


      I must've typed mine wrong then :psobbing:  Sorry about that! But I added you just now :)

  2. @Sheeply hi u, sending invoice in a sec
  3. @Slinky yay!! I'll be finishing it up today!
  4. @Slinky here's the rough sketch of the basic shape to far!!
  5. I just saw this since I've been away, but thank you!!! Hoping to give this shop a revamp sometime this week as well as bringing a giveaway system in so stay tuned for that
  6. Hi guys! I will be leaving for vacation for the week so I won't be able to finish any orders until I get back. Just letting you know so you don't wonder where I've disappeared to LOL
  7. LOL really? I feel like I never do them so I get no practice
  8. @Dreta I'm not home right now but a half body is basically thigh up! I don't have any examples for a half body in this style specifically though but if you want to see a sketch you can check out the claimable WIP "Foresaken" in my premade shop for an idea. However I'll be working on one once I start sheeply's order
  9. Lineara

    Remember Me

    Thank you! @Happy
  10. Of course! All DP's come with a static and animated version
  11. Lineara

    Remember Me

    Premade that was up in my shop.
  12. @Lunna Thank you so much! @Scouts Sold to you! Sending the invoice shortly
  13. New Premade up! Special thanks to @Martinus for some tips he gave me to complete this Remember Me | $32

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