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  1. Lineara

    A new start

    Jess!!!!! Welcome back
  2. New clam your wip up colors can be chosen, hair style could be changed & accessories can be added Sunny Days | $45
  3. Lineara

    Spaced Out

    Sold to Booped
  4. Lineara

    Little Red

    Sold to Jungkook
  5. Will be pm'ing the png and DP versions in just a minute. @booped @Jungkook
  6. I love this time of year on GASR. It's so nice to see all the support and colors around the site.
  7. @booped All I need to do are some final touch ups and animate it for you :) @Jungkook I need to add some small details and background stuff still and after that it's ready to animate @Hiroki Yours will be started within the next few days
  8. @booped Almost done! If you'd like any changes on anything so far let me know :)
  9. @Sheeply THANK YOUUUU @Hiroki you can send the pm! @Jungkook I'm glad you do!
  10. @TawdryHepburn Glad to see you around! @Jungkook @boopedwips for the both of you!
  11. Still got this one up for grabs! Destroyer | $40 I can change the hairstyle and add in accessories or possible other changes (we can discuss it!) if anyone is interested
  12. Got a couple claimable WIPs up if anyone is interested :fingerguns:

    batch1_2ex.png batch1ex.png


    check them out in my shop!

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