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  1. Munni

    Munni | Premades - !! new piece !!

    bumpuuuu hey guys I planned to make more, but I might just make a few that are simpler and more sketchy than this and just DPs, and also cheaper - kinda short on hours in the day + I'm potentially moving to Berlin in a month to graduate help
  2. Munni

    Munni | Premades - !! new piece !!

  3. Munni

    Show off your latest creation! (v2)

    subtle outrun
  4. Munni

    Munni | Premades - !! new piece !!

    @Kute thank youuu! <3
  5. Munni

    Munni | Premades - !! new piece !!

    New one up!!
  6. Munni

    Munni | Premades - !! new piece !!

    @Dayzie aw thank you! currently working on a phresh one
  7. Munni

    Munni | Premades - !! new piece !!

    @Flap aw yay I'm glad you dig her! For sure! I'll add the text, feel free to send the payment through https://www.paypal.me/munnimun (just edited the first post, forgot that paypal.me was a thing heh)
  8. #02 - $25 No changes; only small additions, like small accessories, piercings etc Payment is sent through paypal through https://www.paypal.me/munnimun Price is in USD - US Dollars Bought work is for personal use only Use the form below when ordering! Order comin' up! Username: Premade #: Text: #01 - $25 - Sold to Flap
  9. Munni

    Show off your latest creation! (v2)

    One of those drawings that just doesn't fit into a DP
  10. Munni

    Show off your latest creation! (v2)

    latest premade DP
  11. @Lazy Ohhh alright makes sense! Wasn't aware! I'll try that. I did try and open the website on Internet Explorer (never use it) and it gave me a similar warning without allowing me to get on the website at all. But alright! I bet it's all good now.
  12. Hey! I would send a direct message to an admin/moderator, but wasn't sure who to message. For the past two days I think? Firefox (and other browsers) wouldn't allow me to get on because of an certificate issue or something, see screenshot: So tried to add an exception to see what that would do (probably not safe at all), and when I'd go to gasrforum.net after adding the exception, it'd send me to inner-realms.net, some World of warcraft private server website. Probably something that should be looked into?? If this is information that shouldn't be public, feel free to remove this thread.

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