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  1. I can only hope I said this right
  2. Games

    Just bought The Last Of Us and Uncharted 4 for PS4 Can't be worse than Bloodborne where I can't get far and keep dying
  3. IRL Photos

    Something I haven't tried before
  4. Q&A

    A: The Universe. Our world. Nature. Life. The human mind. Q: What is your idea of beauty?
  5. Sing the song above you!

    Moosey Welcome! I've come up with this thingy (inspired by Accent Challenge)... pretty clear from the title, I suppose. The rules are simple: Make sure you claim the song first, so others know it's taken already! Record yourself singing the song posted above you using Vocaroo or another tool. Edit your post with a link to your recording and leave a song for the next person! Only claim a song if you are ready to sing it right here and now! I mean, yeah you have some time to sing it and all, but you shouldn't take hours to do it. Also, you don't have to sing the whole song. You may pick one part of the song and sing it. No limit on claims, sing your heart out! Any song is fine, just keep it PG13. You can sing it in a different style and tone, whatever you want! And moose importantly... have fun! Let's gooooo! Sing fur meeeee:
  6. Accent Challenge

    But 2nd challenge is so much fun

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