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321 Fair

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About Moose

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    Social Media Manager
  • Birthday 11/18/1988

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    Also not Kapeepsio

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About Me





Also known as:


  • Moosey
  • Lord Mooseling
  • The Holy Moose
  • His Holiness Lord Mooseling Of The Order Of The Holy Moose
  • First of His Hoofprint, the Unfaltering, King of Meese, Furcon of Light, and Holy




  • Moose
  • Meese
  • Moosies
  • Tasty Nomz
  • Moosenificence
  • Moosifulness
  • Mooseymares
  • Moosic
  • Freedom
  • Farting




  • Evil Skunks
  • Noisy Skunks
  • Messy Skunks
  • Limp Hoofshakes
  • Your Socks







  • Fur being too shiny
  • Shedding fur all over the place
  • Enforcing Mooseyness on others
  • Stealing and begging for tasty nomz
  • Leaving hoofprints everywhere (and somehow on the ceiling?)
  • Staring at people from the bushes
  • Silently judging everyone
  • Moosifying everything
  • Posting Moose pictures everywhere
  • Being too Moosiful
  • Breaking all records of Moosenificence
  • Moosin' around




About Us

GASR (Graphic Arts Services & Requests) is a creative home for buying, selling, trading, and requesting goods and services focused around all the various types of art.  GASR is open for anyone to join, regardless of skill level or craft.  Whether you want to offer your services, commission an artist for a project, improve your current skill set with our available resources, or share your own creations and make friends with others who share the same interests, GASR has something to offer everyone.


Graphic Arts:  Any form of visual artistic expression.  (e.g. traditional and digital painting, drawing, photography, printmaking, graphic design, etc.)


Important Information

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