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I'm Miranda but everyone calls me Cat. I'm from Cali and live with my amazing boyfriend of two years James plus beautiful babgirl (cat) Torti. I've been drawing traditional art most of my life self taught and recently started doing digital art on my phone. I'm a bit of a crazy cat lady and gravitate to all cats as soon as I see one but on the opposite side of the spectral I'm absolutely terrified of spiders -Arachnophob-. My interests include art, cartoons, Horror, serial killer -Dahmer is fav-, skyrim, any Mario game, figures -collector- and learning about people/things. My personality is pretty contradictive oddly enough but regardless I always try to be kind, helpful, awkward -am awkward bean with social anxiety so cant help it- and a good listener. I don't have many friends in fact I can count on one hand and still have room so I'm always open to more friends. Family lives across country so if possible someday I'd like to make my own family out of good quality friends.

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